» New Case Study: Centurion Club, St. Albans

New Case Study: Centurion Club, St. Albans

Centurion Club is one of the country’s most elite and prestigious golf clubs. It is home to an expertly-designed 18 hole European Tour level championship golf course and an in-house restaurant (Galvin) run by Michelin-starred London Chefs. It is their attention-to-detail that led Centurion Club to turn to Roofglaze when they needed a bespoke glazing solution for their new and luxurious clubhouse.

To fully satisfy Centurion Club’s glazing needs, Roofglaze partnered with Lonsdale to provide 13 rooflight bays in total, which were further sub-divided in to 2 downslope bays. This was deemed to be the most ideal solution, as this coincided with the clubhouse’s original architecture and kept the installation time down to the absolute minimum.

The unit for this project was installed at a 370 angle, with the intention of facilitating proper water run-off and thus minimising the threat of water pooling. This glazing specification also maximises the potential amount of natural daylight ingress to the clubhouse, which gives an impression of a larger, open space for the members and guests of Centurion Club.

Lonsdale Monopitch ThermGard Rooflight – Centurion Club, St. Albans

The following glazing specifications are stipulated below:

– Non-fragile
– Glass Thickness: 28.7mm
– Light Transmission: 78.3%
– Centre Pane U-value: 1.1 W/m²K
– Total System U-value: 1.6 W/m²K
– Outer: 6mm Clear Toughened
– Cavity: 16mm Argon Filled + Warm Edge Spacer
– Inner: 6.8mm Clear Laminated Glass + Low-E

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