» Why Natural Light is Good for You

Why Natural Light is Good for You

Natural light is something we all need, it lifts our mood and makes the world seem a friendlier place, so it is no wonder that more and more properties are designed with natural light in mind.

There is no better way to bathe a space in natural light than with well-placed windows, glazed doors and most especially rooflights. There have been many studies that agree that natural light is good for us. It can improve our mood, make us feel healthier and put us more in sync with the world around us.

On the other side of the coin, lack of sunlight can have a lot of detrimental effects – according to some research it can even lead to anxiety and depression.

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Here are just a few of the things that a natural light and a little sunshine does to benefit us:

  1. It Makes Us Happy

Natural light can trigger a range of different hormones in our bodies including serotonin. When you step out into a bright, sunny day your mood gets a lift and you feel that all is well with the world. This feeling translates into our work and home life making us more productive and more content.

  1. It Lowers Blood Pressure

It’s not surprising with natural light making us feel calmer and happier that it’s also reducing our blood pressure. The effect of the sun on our skin causes the release of trace amounts of nitrous oxide which has been shown to have an impact on blood pressure – in other words, the effect is not just psychological but physiological as well.

  1. Improving Sleep

That calmness and sense of feeling healthier means that we enjoy the benefits of natural light into the night time and get a better standard of sleep too. That could be because we are naturally more energetic during warm summer days and likely to be a tired when we go to bed. It may also be that we’re feeling more optimistic too. On sunny days we maintain our circadian rhythm better – the sleep/wake cycle that contributes to our sense of wellbeing.

  1. It’s Good for the Bones and Other Things

There’s a lot written about Vitamin D but exposure to sunlight certainly increases our natural levels. There are a number of health effects that we get from this, including stronger bones. That makes getting your daily dose of sunshine important, whether you’re in the first flush of youth or approaching your twilight years.

  1. Increased productivity

Studies have shown that work areas that have natural light are more productive than those that are lit with artificial lights. As sunlight helps our mood improve it is no wonder that a well-lit natural workplace is better than one that casts shadows and tends towards being a little gloomy.

Rooflights help let the sunshine in

Windows and glazed doors can really help bring in the light but if you want to really flood your space with natural light, rooflights are the best option. Not only are they the most convenient when it comes to space as they don’t take up any already used wall space, but they also offer the most complete natural daylight experience as they let the light fall naturally into the space and fill it.

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