» What is a Walk-on Flatglass Rooflight and Where Can You Use Them?

What is a Walk-on Flatglass Rooflight and Where Can You Use Them?

Walk-on Flatglass rooflights are becoming increasingly popular for both residential and commercial properties. They are an effective and easy way to introduce light into more secluded areas of your home or business, including basement and cellar locations.

Not only do they provide a great source of natural light they are also secure enough to walk on.

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What is a Walk-on Flatglass rooflight?

These are essentially flat panes of glass that are designed to fit flush with the surrounding area and can be installed both internally and externally. One of the key features here is safety as the rooflight needs to be able to take the weight of a person walking upon it.

Your Flatglass installer will calculate the exact load bearing that is needed for the traffic you are likely to encounter. A rooflight that is installed above the cellar of your home and is surrounded by a guardrail, for example, will have less footfall than one that is installed in a roof garden in a commercial premises.

Flatglass rooflights can be built to fit any space with the installation tailored specifically to your needs. If you do have plenty of people coming and going, you can add slip resistance to your rooflight installation. This ensures that your home or business complies with all the current building regulations and keeps everyone safe at the same time.

The best places for your Skylights

Rooflights can be installed wherever there is a building space below. If you have an extension built with a terrace and want to create more light from above, installing a rooflight is an ideal solution. Perhaps you’re a business such as a bar or restaurant and want a quirky feature to entice customers through the door. Maybe you have a cutting-edge office and want to open it up more and create a really vibrant atmosphere.

Flatglass rooflights can be fitted almost anywhere but the most popular for homeowners is on terrace areas where the installation is normally paired with high-quality decking. Properties that have cellars generally have some form of glass surface up on the street and it’s becoming increasingly popular to replace older versions of these with Walk-on Flatglass rooflights. This works particularly well if you want to increase the amount of light in a basement area.

Internal applications of Flatglass installations for commercial properties can have a number of advantages, not least in improving the light flow and brightening up work areas. Not only does this type of installation give staff access to natural light, it can also reduce the amount you pay for utility bills on your premises because you require less artificial light.

Installing Flatglass rooflights

Our Flatglass rooflights are very safe and they more than comply with the latest British Standards. Size and shape can be tailored to specific areas, whether you are a homeowner or want to change the look and feel of your commercial property. Fitting flush with the floor, they allow people to come and go while increasing the light and atmosphere of any living area or workspace.

The Roofglaze team can advise and supply on any of your Flatglass requirements so get in touch today about your project.