An ideal solution where access is required to roof space, our Skyway range of Flatglass Access rooflights are available in both Manual or Electric options.

Roofglaze Access Rooflights

Safe, secure and stylish access to roof areas

Key Features

Skyway Aluminium Frame Technology

Industry Leading Weather Testing

A fully Thermally Broken Aluminium Frame Prevents Cold Bridging, Reducing the Risk of Condensation

UV Resistant and Silicone Bonded

Marine Grade Powder Coating as Standard Available in a Wide Variety of RAL Colours

Manually Operation with Gas Ram Assist and Locking Handle

Electrically Operated Includes Concealed Electric Chain Stroke Opening with Wall Switch and Remote Control

Remote Control Connects Directly with Wall Switch

15 Year Warranty

Table of Contents

Benefits of Roof access hatches

Also known as roof hatches or access rooflights, roof access hatches offer several benefits that can positively impact the overall quality of a building. They allow natural light to enter, improve ventilation and air quality, and create a brighter and more welcoming environment. These features make them an essential component of any well-designed building.

In addition to their functional benefits, roof access hatches provide peace of mind in terms of safety. They enable maintenance and repair work to be conducted easily and safely by allowing for safe access to the roof.

Moreover, roof access hatches are an affordable and efficient solution that can significantly reduce energy costs. They can help create a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment by decreasing the need for artificial lighting and facilitating air circulation. Building owners can enjoy significant cost savings as a result.

Overall, roof access hatches offer a wide range of benefits that make them an excellent investment for any building. They are essential in creating a brighter, healthier, and more comfortable space. If you’re considering installing access rooflights in your building, talk to a Roofglaze professional to find out what the right roof access hatches are for you and start enjoying the benefits today.

Are a hassle-free and cutting-edge solution that provides easy access to the roof while bringing natural light and air circulation into the building’s interior. Additionally, they can be operated using either a remote control or a Smart switch for maximum convenience.

One of the significant advantages of electric roof lights is that they enhance the energy efficiency of a building. For instance, they can be opened to let fresh air flow in, reducing the need for air conditioning, and improving air quality. Furthermore, they provide ample natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting, and lowering energy consumption.

Moreover, electric roof lights offer excellent security features. They come with a locking mechanism that prevents unauthorized access to the building, providing an additional layer of security that can give building owners peace of mind.

Although electric roof lights might be more expensive than traditional roof access hatches, they offer an array of benefits that make them a worthwhile investment. First and foremost, they offer convenience by providing access to your roof. Access Rooflights can be a source of ventilation, which can lower energy consumption and improve the overall air quality.

Additionally, they offer added security and are highly customizable. Electric access rooflights are also available in larger sizes due to the use of electric motors which can lift larger-size glass panels, as such they offer increased natural light and ease of access.

Building owners looking to enhance their property’s functionality, comfort, and overall value will find electric roof lights to be an intelligent choice.

Various shapes, sizes, and styles to meet different building types and needs.

One of the significant advantages of manual access rooflights is their affordability. They are generally less expensive than electric rooflights and do not require any electrical wiring or installation, making them a cost-effective option for building owners who want to save on their budget.

Another benefit of manual access rooflights is their ease of use. They are designed with a simple mechanism, such as a crank handle or latch, making them easy to operate. This simplicity is especially useful for maintenance or inspection work, as they can be effortlessly opened to access the roof.

While manual access rooflights are not available in the same range of sizes as electric they can still provide natural light and ventilation to the building’s interior. This can help reduce energy consumption and create a more comfortable and healthy living or working environment.

In conclusion, manual access rooflights offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice for building owners. They are budget-friendly, versatile, easy to use, and can provide natural light and ventilation to the building’s interior. By investing in high-quality manual access rooflights, building owners can ensure safe and straightforward access to the roof while enhancing the functionality, comfort, and overall value of their property.

Why are Roofglazes Flat Roof Access Hatches unique?

Our Flat Roof Access Hatches stand out from other types of roof access hatches for several reasons. A modern and minimalist design gives you a sleek and contemporary appearance that complements any building’s architecture. Additionally, our access hatches are constructed from high-quality materials including aluminium and marine-grade powder coating making them resistant to weathering and corrosion. This durability ensures that they can withstand harsh environments and last for many years.

One of the key features that set our Roofglaze Flat Roof Access Hatches apart is their superior insulation. This insulation reduces heat loss and reduces condensation, ensuring that the building remains energy-efficient and comfortable throughout the year. Our access hatches are also designed to be easy to install, requiring minimal preparation and cutting. This ease of installation reduces both installation time and costs, making it a more cost-effective solution.

Our Flat Roof Access Hatches are customizable to meet specific requirements. They are available in a range of sizes, finishes, and colours, making them adaptable to fit any type of roof. The customization options allow for seamless integration of the access hatches into the building’s overall design, adding to its aesthetic appeal.
In summary, our Flat Roof Access Hatches are an exceptional choice for any building that requires safe and easy roof access, while providing energy-efficient and aesthetic benefits. Our contemporary design, high-quality materials, superior insulation, ease of installation, and customization options make them a valuable investment.

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