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Benefits of Rooflights: How Rooflights Can Benefit You and Your Property

What are Rooflights?

Rooflights are windows in a property’s roof, allowing natural light from above. They come in various types like fixed, hinged, and sliding, and can even provide roof access.

Where can you install a Rooflight?

People commonly install roof lights in various building types. Including commercial properties and residential homes, to enrich spaces with plenty of natural light. Experience the advantages of Rooflights: natural light, ventilation & energy savings.

Why is Natural light so important?

Studies have shown that Natural light significantly improves your mood. The reason for this is most likely related to the effect that light has on the brain. This governs the body’s internal clock and the production of melatonin and serotonin…the happy hormones!

Individuals who lack exposure to natural light may experience a decline in mood and, consequently, a reduction in productivity.

Employees should carefully consider installing a roof light. To maximize natural light could substantially enhance the creativity and productivity of their workforce.

Can Rooflights reduce energy bills?

One of the main benefits of protecting roof lights in a building is that it will undoubtedly reduce lighting bills, in most warehouses, offices, and homes. Rooflights bring high-quality daylight to central spaces within a building. Taking advantage of those large spaces to help distribute light across the floor of warehouses, open-plan offices, and homes.

Contemporary rooflights have; excellent insulation values and the reduced reliance on artificial light helps to lower overall CO2 emissions. Now this offers savings in total energy costs, and as the rooflight area increases the more positive the thermal performance becomes.

Remember, this lighting is a free and unlimited resource, unlike Electric lighting.

Can a Rooflight also provide ventilation?

Absolutely! Good air quality in the home or workplace will ensure a better standard of living and working, reducing condensation, and maintaining a controlled temperature.

This is particularly important during the summer months when sustained periods of heat make spaces feel particularly uncomfortable. Rooflights provide light and ventilation to help make day-to-day life a little easier.

More windows on my property mean less privacy, Right?

In today’s closely built modern homes, many of us might worry that adding more windows could diminish our privacy. After all, we don’t want our neighbors peering into our homes, even if we have a good relationship with them!

Rooflights can provide a very practical, energy-efficient, and attractive solution to this problem. Offering light and ventilation from above to the most intimate spaces in your home without sacrificing your privacy.

Can a Rooflight help with Roofing maintenance?

Making sure there is a safe route of access to a roof is key to proper maintenance over time. Frequently, property owners must resort to using a ladder for roof maintenance, which can result in roof neglect and costly issues. Climbing up and down a ladder isn’t always an attractive choice, especially in adverse weather conditions.

The installation of an access Rooflight can massively simplify the process of roof maintenance and allows professionals to quickly check for clogged gutters, drainage issues, and cracked and broken tiles. The ability to promptly evaluate any damage or repair needs can prevent issues from escalating, ultimately saving money on costly repairs that could otherwise be avoided.

Are Rooflights Eco-Friendly?

In a world where manufacturers and consumers are being encouraged to reduce their carbon footprints, find sustainable solutions, reduce emissions, and save energy, a Rooflight is a great step in the right direction.

Rooflights promote less use of artificial light, which leads to improved energy efficiency and creates less reliance on electricity, bringing down use, in turn, making them a highly effective green solution.

Will a Rooflight reduce my heating bills?

Rooflights can provide a source of solar heating in the wintertime.

Heating your home with sunlight can be a great alternative to cranking up the thermostat on your boiler and in turn help to reduce heating costs

Will a Rooflight increase the resale value of a property?

A high-quality Rooflight is one of the most impressive changes you can make to your home: indeed, anything that could potentially be more impressive is likely to be much more expensive AND needs planning permission, which is something the majority of Rooflights don’t need.

For many home buyers, the kitchen is the key feature and the first thing they’ll look at when checking a property. The effective use of a skylight can do wonders for helping a kitchen feel brighter, more open, and – in the end – more desirable.

In addition to the look of a Rooflight, the energy-efficient properties of a Rooflight are also attractive to potential house buyers making the installation of a Roof.


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