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Our Skyway Flatglass Rooflight range is available in our SHOP in a selection of standard sizes, however every Roofglaze Rooflight is manufactured here in the UK in our own factory to your personal specifications, offering glazing and shaped options to suit your project requirements.

Over the last 20 years we have manufactured and supplied all kinds of bespoke flatglass solutions including: triangles, parallelograms, hexagons, etc, you really are only ever limited by your own imagination, and even then, we can help you with that.

All our Flatglass rooflights are designed and made using our latest SKYWAY state of the art CAD techniques and automated CNC machining. Combining improved acoustic values, water and wind resistant, greater security and seamless internal and external roof integration.


FAQ's Roofglaze Rooflights Ltd

Daylight ideas and opportunities

Flatglass rooflights can be specified in a number of shapes, sizes and styles to suit the exact needs of your project.

Light solution for every space

Flatglass rooflights are creative solutions for adding welcoming natural light to living spaces, with fixed and walk-on options for terraces and opening designs for access and ventilation.

Contemporary designs

Skyway Flatglass rooflights combine simplicity, practicality and convenience with contemporary style and exceptional light transmission.

Environmentally friendly

Additional daylight from a high specification, thermally insulated rooflight, saves energy, reduces carbon emissions and increases a sense of well-being in your home.


We are an accredited and certified business, and we’re proud to operate to the highest industry standards, our Skyway Flatglass rooflights combine outstanding performance, quick and easy installation and are fully compliant with UK Building Regulations.


Scattersdale Lane
Skyway Fixed Rooflights
Our leading rooflight design means that daylight is maximised while the visible framework is minimised, resulting in a product that offers the best in both form and function.
Multi-Section Flatglass Rooflight
Skyway Multi-section Flatglass
Ideal for providing maximised natural daylight while the visible framework is minimised, resulting in a product that offers the best in both form and function for linear or larger applications.
24v Electric Hinged Flat Glass Rooflight
Skyway Hinged Flatglass
Hinged Flatglass rooflights provide you with all the benefits of natural daylight that our Fixed Flatglass units offer, but with the added bonus of natural ventilation with manual and electric options.
Skyway Sliding Flatglass Rooflights From Roofglaze
Skyway Sliding Flatglass
Ideal for providing natural ventilation and roof access, especially in areas where high wind loadings may occur, making a hinged rooflight unsuitable.
Skyway Walk-on Flatglass
For roof terraces and internal applications, they provide an attractive and creative solution for introducing daylight into areas of a building that would otherwise be dark including basements and cellars.

Glazing options

With a multitude of options to create the perfect room environment, we can help you select the appropriate glazing options for your project including;

  • Solar Control, heated, body tinted, acoustic laminated, coloured, low iron glass
  • Double, triple & quadruple glazed
  • Switchable privacy glass
  • Anti-condensation glass
  • RITEC Clearshield Eco-glass

Accessories and convenience

Skyway Flatglass rooflights can be supplied with a number of accessories to maximise their ease-of-use and reduce the need for maintenance in the long term.

  • Integrated blinds
  • Control panels for multiple rooflight control
  • UPS panel with battery back up
  • Switches and remotes
  • Wind and rain sensors are available for opening rooflights
  • Wi-Fi app control wall switch
  • Winding poles
  • Insulated timber upstands are available to suit certain sizes of Flatglass rooflights
  • Rooflight cleaning and maintenance packs

Feel free to contact a member of our team to get help and advice on the best combination of glazing features to suit your project.

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