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glass skylights Ways to use Walk-on Glass blog image

Ways to Use Walk-on Glass

Have you ever walked on a glass floor, perhaps in an office building or on a bridge? When you think about walk-on glass that is what many people will think of. But there are many different ways to use this product in commercial and residential buildings, taking them from ordinary to extraordinary. Walk-on glass as […]

skylights The Benefits of Openable Rooflights blog image

The Benefits of Openable Rooflights

A rooflight makes a great addition to any home, providing plenty of natural light as well as forming an elegant feature that looks fantastic. Whether you have installed your rooflight during a refurbishment or building an extension, or you’re moving into a new home, you normally have the option of a rooflight that can be […]

roof skylights Walk-on Glass - Incredible Skywalks Around the World blog image

Walk-on Glass – Incredible Skywalks Around the World

Stepping onto a glass floor for the first time, especially if that glass floor is at the top of a tower and you can see the drop below, can be a little scary. Once on however, the feeling is extraordinary as you look onto the space below your feet. While Roofglaze makes walk-on glass rooflights […]

Bespoke Flatglass Rooflights

New Case Study: Silsoe Lower School, Bedfordshire

We have just completed an interesting and unique project for the Education sector based in Bedfordshire, and we cannot wait any longer to share this with you. Throughout this project, Roofglaze has demonstrated their market-leading design and manufacturing capabilities by creating multiple Elliptical Flatglass rooflights for Silsoe School, helping to provide the students with a […]