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Skylights Amazing Uses of Glass in Architecture Blog Image

Amazing Uses of Glass in Architecture

We take glass, for granted. In our homes, it adds natural light and keeps us connected to the outside world. But glass, used in innovative and exciting ways, has also helped to create some really amazing architecture and structures around the world. Here we take a look at some fantastic buildings where glass plays an […]

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Roofglaze Welcomes More New Faces

The Roofglaze Group continues to grow, with the appointment of two new members of staff in key areas of the business. Andrew Bunn joins us in the role of National Sales Manager and Alastair Miles has come on board as our Product Development Engineer. Andrew Bunn – National Sales Manager The entirety of Andrew’s career […]

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How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Most of us take the air quality in our homes for granted. In many homes, however, problems such as dust, hair and mites can cause problems. If you have an allergy, you’ll probably notice poor air quality before someone who doesn’t have an issue. The truth is, whatever your personal health, bad air often makes […]