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Claywood House

Claywood House is a unique and sustainable low-carbon home, designed with a wheelchair-dependent client’s needs in mind.
Notably, the house has been awarded the British Homes Award for House of the Year 2022 and has been shortlisted for the RIBA Awards 2022


Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt (ACG) Architects





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Claywood House

A Creative Design with Intelligently Placed Flatglass Rooflights

The architects who designed Claywood House had a wheelchair-dependent client in mind and created a unique and sustainable low-carbon home. ACG received the British Homes Award for House of the Year 2022 for their outstanding design. Additionally, they were shortlisted for the RIBA Awards 2022, highlighting their excellence in both construction and design. The property is also surrounded by lush greenery and rolling hills, situated in a stunning natural environment.

To showcase their commitment to sustainability and innovative construction techniques, the architects incorporated flatglass rooflights into the design of the house. This approach reduces the need for artificial light and saves energy, helping the house meet its low-carbon targets. The architects carefully controlled the amount of light entering the space by optimizing the placement of the rooflights. As a result, the residents can enjoy a comfortable and well-lit environment. Furthermore, using high-performance low emissivity glass in the rooflights has improved the house’s thermal performance, reducing its energy demands and making it more eco-friendly.

Claywood House stands as a testament to architectural innovation and compassion, rooted in a deep understanding of its occupants’ needs. Conceived with a wheelchair-dependent client in mind, this sustainable, low-carbon residence has captured the hearts of many, earning ACG the prestigious British Homes Award for House of the Year 2022. Their exceptional design also earned them a coveted spot as finalists in the RIBA Awards 2022, a recognition that underscores their prowess in both construction and design. Set against a backdrop of lush greenery and rolling hills, the house finds itself ensconced in the embrace of a breathtaking natural landscape.

Underpinning the architectural vision is a steadfast commitment to sustainability and pioneering construction methodologies. In pursuit of this ethos, the architects seamlessly integrated flatglass rooflights into the house’s design. This deliberate choice not only illuminates the interiors with natural radiance but also contributes to energy conservation, aligning with the house’s low-carbon aspirations. Meticulously calibrated placements of these rooflights afford a balanced interplay of light, eliminating the need for artificial illumination while cocooning the inhabitants in a soothing, well-lit haven.

A defining characteristic of Claywood House is its incorporation of high-performance low emissivity glass within the rooflights. This strategic choice goes beyond aesthetics, elevating the residence’s thermal efficiency and reducing its energy consumption. The fusion of design and function is evident – as the occupants revel in the abundant natural light, the house reciprocates with a gentler ecological footprint.

Designed with Health and Nature at Top Priority

The interior of Claywood House has been designed with the health and well-being of its residents in mind. The use of natural light from the flatglass rooflights has been shown to improve mood and overall health, reducing the need for air conditioning and creating a more comfortable living environment. The improved air quality in the home is beneficial to the residents, helping to reduce the risk of respiratory problems and promoting good health. The bright and airy interiors of the house, created by the rooflights, have a positive impact on the mood of the residents and help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the home.

Stepping into the interior of Claywood House is to embark on a journey designed to nurture the health and well-being of its inhabitants. At the heart of this design philosophy lies the strategic incorporation of natural light, channeled through the flatglass rooflights. This architectural choice is more than just an aesthetic flourish – it’s a conduit for improved mood and overall health. By harnessing the gift of sunlight, the house minimizes the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning, fostering an environment that’s both comfortable and rejuvenating.

The benefits of this approach extend beyond the visual realm. The enhanced air quality within the home is a boon for its residents, serving as a bulwark against respiratory issues and championing good health. The bright and airy interiors, illuminated by the gentle touch of sunlight, cast a transformative spell on the mood of the occupants. The result is a space that radiates with positivity, creating an atmosphere that’s as inviting as it is welcoming.

In essence, the design of Claywood House is a symphony of light and well-being, orchestrated to resonate with the human experience. The strategic use of natural light through flatglass rooflights isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a cornerstone of an environment that elevates both physical and emotional health. With each beam of sunlight that dances through its interiors, Claywood House becomes not just a dwelling, but a sanctuary that nourishes the spirit and nurtures the body.

Flatglass Rooflights Improving the Living Quality of the space

Claywood House impresses with a contemporary design that integrates local materials such as brickwork and timber slats. The house features flatglass rooflights, which offer panoramic views of the sky and surrounding landscape.

As a result, creating a healthier and more engaging living environment. The flatglass rooflights not only provide environmental benefits but also enhance the aesthetics of Claywood House. Their modern and stylish design adds a contemporary touch, setting it apart from traditional homes in the area. Moreover, they create a sense of openness and spaciousness within the interior, making rooms appear brighter and more expansive. The use of industry-standard fixed flatglass windows ensures that the house remains warm and comfortable throughout the year. Additionally, it provides the perfect combination of strength and efficiency.

Claywood House stands as an architectural marvel that seamlessly weaves together contemporary aesthetics with a deep connection to its surroundings. Anchored in local materials such as brickwork and timber slats, the house exudes a sense of belonging, as if it emerged from the very fabric of the landscape. Among its standout features are the flatglass rooflights, windows to the expanse of sky and the world beyond. These rooflights usher in panoramic views, transforming the living environment into a healthier, more immersive haven.

Beyond the visual grandeur, the flatglass rooflights deliver a host of environmental benefits. Yet, their impact doesn’t stop there – their sleek, modern design introduces a touch of contemporary elegance that sets Claywood House apart from the conventional dwellings in its vicinity. This modernity not only amplifies the visual appeal but also imparts a sense of openness and spaciousness to the interiors, elevating each room into a luminous expanse of possibilities.

The incorporation of industry-standard fixed flatglass windows ensures that the house remains a bastion of comfort throughout the year, preserving warmth and shielding against the elements. This synergy of strength and efficiency is more than a technical achievement – it’s a promise of a haven where design and function harmonize, creating an environment that resonates with contemporary living.

In essence, Claywood House is more than just a residence; it’s an architectural embodiment of a lifestyle that marries aesthetics, comfort, and connection to the world outside. With its flatglass rooflights as conduits to nature’s beauty, the house becomes a sanctuary that invites residents to bask in the grandeur of the sky and the embrace of contemporary living.


In conclusion, the architects have created a true masterpiece of sustainable design with Claywood House with Roofglaze rooflights. They incorporated innovative techniques and materials to make the home environmentally friendly and comfortable for its residents. Additionally, the architects’ commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of flatglass rooflights, which help reduce the home’s carbon footprint while creating a healthy and comfortable living environment. As a result, Claywood House stands out as a leader in sustainable construction thanks to its stunning natural setting, contemporary design, and luxurious interiors.

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