How Roof Terrace Access Can Add Value To Your Property?

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How Roof Terrace Access Can Add Value To Your Property?

In urban and rural settings, outdoor space is essential for contemporary home buyers. In tight spaces, providing rooftop access has benefits. It applies to existing or new buildings, addressing space concerns for property owners. Additionally, it enhances property value. Utilizing access rooflights can enable convenient and direct entry to rooftop terraces.

Creating outdoor space to increase property value

Roof terraces epitomize modern living and are highly desired in cities like London, New York, and major European urban centres.

Studies reveal buyers pay 7% to 10% extra for homes featuring outdoor spaces. Which sell faster and have greater appeal than those without. Rooftop terrace properties are sought after for their low maintenance and stunning views.

A space to relax and entertain

Adding a roof terrace to a property not only creates valuable usable space. It also provides homeowners with a retreat from the hustle of busy areas. It’s the place to relax, unwind, and socialize, all while enjoying awe-inspiring scenery and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Rooftops have become popular social spaces, with new development buildings. Offering communal roof decks with barbecues and fire pits; a perfect space to hang out and entertain.

Roof terrace access using Flatglass Skyway rooflights

These modern Skyway Access Flatglass Rooflights are a great option for homeowners, architects, builders, and developers. They work well for rooftops with limited space, allowing a smooth indoor-outdoor transition between living areas. UK building regulations often demand that roof terrace designs complement the property’s and nearby buildings’ character and look. Flatglass Rooflights can facilitate this, providing a modern, low-profile, minimalist design that integrates seamlessly with the building’s architecture.

Powered by two 24v actuators, these energy-efficient roof lights. Open to 140 degrees for easy access, allowing vast amounts of natural light and air into the home. Safe and secure, the Skyway Access Rooflight is mechanically sealed, for additional peace of mind. These features provide a stylish and practical solution, adding ventilation and natural light to your home.

The rewards of roof terrace access

Creating access to roof terraces for existing or new properties offers clear benefits. While there are costs to build these terraces, the increase in property value brings higher financial gains, making it a profitable investment. Choose your accessories in our store!

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