How Rooflights Support the ‘Improve Don’t Move Ethos’

We are becoming less likely to move home than we are to improve the one we already have. Even if we really do need more room, many of us are building extensions or improving the loft before we think of selling up.

That’s possibly down to the greater expense of moving home and the difficulty in finding the right property. You might simply love the area you live in and really don’t want to leave friends or family. Making home improvements such as building an extension is certainly a big project. While it can cost a significant amount of money to construct an extra room on the end of your home, however, this is one sure way to add to the value of your property as well as provide more space.

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Extension vs Moving House

If you decide to move to a new house there’s quite a lot involved. You need to search for a new property, put yours up for sale, get an estate agent and a solicitor and that’s just for a start. The process can take anything from a couple of months to a couple of years, especially if you don’t want to reduce your sale price or can’t find the right new property.

On the other hand, building an extension means you get to stay in a home that you love. Yes, it’s going to cost you several thousand to get a builder in and design the thing, not to mention the planning permission and enduring the work when it starts but at least you have more control over the process and know roughly when it’s going to end.

Deciding What Your Extension is For

This is going to be the big issue before you get down to creating the new part of your home. It’s important to think your plan out and decide what you want the extension for as that will influence the design.

One of the most popular reasons for building an extension is the new kitchen, of course. You want a bigger one that can cope with the whole family and be used to entertain. Maybe you’ve just dreamed of a kitchen where you can be free to explore a world of culinary delights. Other people want a new office or an extra bedroom downstairs, or even a utility room.

Why You Should Put in a Rooflight

When installing an extension, few people think a lot about lighting and the options available. The more light you can bring into this new area of your home, the roomier it will feel. Rooflights and roof lanterns are becoming increasingly popular where there is a flat roof. These come in a variety of designs and can really add a lot of style to any new or existing extension.

Their excellent thermal efficiency means you’re not going to get heat loss. You can open certain rooflights to allow a gentle flow of air and create ventilation during the summer, something which is also particularly good if you are worried about condensation.

What most people like about a rooflight is that it adds aesthetic appeal as well as being useful. It can often be difficult to build an extension that fits perfectly with the design of the rest of the house, certainly for older buildings. A little like the traditional conservatory, a rooflight adds a feature and design aspect that catches the eye whilst also helping to open up the space.


It’s also an attractive feature that can help add value to your home than a kitchen or other room that would normally have a plain flat roof. If you’re deciding to improve your home rather than move, it’s well worth considering.

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