Improving Commercial Spaces with Rooflights

Commercial spaces can be known for being dark or filled with uninspiring artificial light. From shopping centres to supermarkets, office blocks to factories, getting out of the gloom is important on many levels and the team at Roofglaze have the experience, expertise and products to bring any commercial space into the light.

JLR Showroom - Schüco Internal

Natural Daylight is Important

It is not only customers that use commercial spaces, but also employees so ensuring that enough daylight in the right places and spaces comes into these commercial buildings is important. Natural daylight makes employees who work in commercial premises feel connected to the outside world and it helps boost morale. Eye and brain functions are known to perform better in natural light increasing staff performance and rooflights off the benefits of natural light without the distraction of the views through vertical windows.

Blum’s UK head office needed to improve the amount of daylight their commercial building was getting so the team at Roofglaze fitted a bespoke Vitral rooflight array to bring the daylight in. You can see what Roofglaze did for Blum in more detail here.

Products Look Better in Daylight

Viewing a product in natural daylight is a valuable asset to any commercial business. Not only is the sales environment more relaxed and approachable for customers it also shows off products in their best light. The Jaguar Land Rover Dealership in Stockport recently had a stunning daylighting system installed by Roofglaze using Schüco structural glazing. These rooflights let natural light flood into their showroom making it an enjoyable place to be for both staff and customers and shines a (natural) light on their cars.

A pleasurable shopping experience is very important in these days of internet retail which is why shopping centres, and retail outlets alike make a real effort to create a light and airy atmosphere for their customers. Making products look as attractive as possible and creating happy environments where customers like to dwell and spend money is increasingly being recognised as industry standard.

Retail Benefits of Natural Light

From large installations like that of Debenhams on Oxford Street to individual stores within larger complexes like that of Next in The White Rose Centre in Leeds, Roofglaze can deliver exactly what is needed to flood these commercial spaces in natural daylight. The 22 metre long skylight at the Debenhams store on Oxford Street is an excellent example of how Roofglaze can design and deliver rooflights to an impeccable standard and to any brief.

Artificial light is just not enough these days. Being bathed in natural light is now a requirement of any successful commercial space and rooflights are the best way to achieve bright and airy spaces without having to encroach upon any other structural part of the building. Rooflights support commercial spaces to be the best environments for the people that use them and Roofglaze are the experts to help create the daylight needed. Rooflights can be used in almost any location and commercial buildings benefit enormously from their installation.

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