Planning your own Grand Design?

Ideas for bringing light in from the popular TV show

If you are a fan of Grand Designs, you will know that there are always certain areas they look at when making over a property. One of the top things is ways to bring light into a room whether through natural means such as windows or rooflights or through lighting. So what inspiration can you take from the show when planning your own grand design?

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Using Rooflights

It is always best to try and have natural light into your home and while windows are great, they can sometimes be at the wrong angle. That’s where rooflights come in – also known as skylights. These are special types of the window that go into the roof of the house, either flat or pitched, to allow natural light into the room.

Getting rooflights into an existing property isn’t a particularly difficult job when you work with experts in their installation. They will be able to look at things like the structure needed to support the rooflight, the type of glazing needed and what the purpose of the window is – such as just for daylight, for ventilation or even to get access to a flat roof area.

Lighting options

As well as roof lights, you will also want to plan your artificial lighting as all rooms will need this for after darkness falls. The type of room can have an impact on the type of lighting that works best.

For example, in the living room, you can use downlights, or a central pendant style light then adds floor or table lamps near seating areas to add extra lighting. This is also important if you like to read or do other hobbies while sitting as the extra light is important.

Bathrooms need to have the right IP rating due to the moisture levels in the room. Flush fittings are popular for the bathroom as well as downlights but don’t position them, so they shine directly into a mirror as this creates shadows.

In the kitchen, you want styles that are easy to clean which is why recessed spotlights and other similar designs are popular. Make sure the light is bright enough so you can see what you are doing and lighting under cabinets to illuminate workspaces are popular.

Bedrooms can have a softer light and the option to dim it is popular. Eye level table lamps that have variable settings are great as you can use the top setting while reading but a lower one when you first wake up.

Fixed Flat Glass Rooflights

Smart lighting

Smart lighting is one of the best places to start if you want your new home to be a smart one. These are special light bulbs that can work in normal lighting fixtures and connect with smart devices such as an Amazon Echo or your smartphone to let you control your lighting with spoken commands.

Colour changing bulbs are a popular option for smart lights and are brilliant if you have kids. You can also mimic things like sunrise and sunset to help create a natural cycle. You can also layer the lights using smart bulbs as you would normal bulbs.

While artificial light is useful and necessary, for a truly modern feel to making a home the best it can be it is the natural light that makes all the difference in a property. Adding Flatglass rooflights and bi-folding glass doors to a property is the way to make an excellent property exceptional. The team at Roofglaze offer a huge range of sizes in rooflights available to buy online or they can manufacture these to meet your specifications.