You can bring the outside inside with amazing roof windows

Fixed Flat Glass Rooflights

Windows are something that feature in most of our rooms and that we don’t always think that much about.  They are a feature of the house, a way to let light and air into the room and to make it bright, airy and comfortable.

When you have a room without windows, such as a converted loft or bedroom with a pitched roof, it may seem you have to miss out, but you can bring the outside inside with the installation of amazing roof windows.

Choosing roof windows & skylights

When you start looking at roof windows, you can instantly see there are lots of options.  There are also different materials for the frame including PVC, timber, aluminium and even steel.  This means you can choose windows that fit in with the other windows and doors on the home or opt for something that looks a little different.

You can have fixed or opening roof windows, which are also sometimes known as rooflights or skylights.  Some windows open completely, some partially and some not at all, while still providing ventilation through vents in the frame.  Considering which type is best for the room is something to discuss with your roof window fitter, you an also give us a call or email us and we can give you all the advise and assistance you need.

Then there are added benefits you can choose to enhance the windows. Window locks are fairly standard because even at height, you still want to be able to lock the windows.  You may also want coatings on the glass for things like UV reduction or have noise pollution blocking features.  There are lots of ways to personalise the roof windows to suit your needs and Roofglaze are experts at creating roof windows to match your exact specifications.

We can design almost any size or shape window to suit your requirements, just let us know a little about your project and we will happily advise you.


Why roof windows are so popular

But why would you even want to add roof windows to your home?  What makes them so popular and able to bring the outside inside?

Natural light and air

If you choose styles that open in any way, you can instantly let air and warmth from the sun into the room.  Even fixed windows let that vital sunlight in.  Natural light is very important for health and well being, giving us a boost and making us feel more energetic.  Allowing this light into rooms can completely transform them.

Learn more about the benefits of natural daylight in our free RIBA accredited Webinar

Improve ventilation

Modern double glazing is great for energy efficiency but can also lead to problems like condensation and damp because homes don’t get the airflow they need.  Roof windows can help ease this, especially in converted lofts or bedrooms with pitched roofs.  As the highest spot, they can let the air flow and reduce the risk of damp problems.

Makes a space liveable

For spaces such as converted lofts, roof windows are very important.  No-one wants to spend time in a dark room or where overhead lights are always needed.  It can seem uncomfortable and strange because we know we need sunlight.  Adding roof windows makes these rooms usable, liveable and much more comfortable.

Another way to let much needed light into a basement is by installing a walk-on rooflight, these rooflights are specifically designed to easily withstand a person walking on them and can look stunning.

The ideal solution

Roof windows are the perfect way to get light, air and ventilation to different parts of your home.  There are plenty of styles to suit all requirements and you often don’t even need planning permission to add them.