Rooflights offer at least twice as much light as vertical windows

Are you looking for the best way to increase daylight in your space?

Recent studies have shown us that daylight is indeed the perfect material for improving indoor climate conditions, so as to reinvigorate the use of a space and most importantly to improve the overall wellbeing, concentration, happiness and comfort of the occupants.

So that’s all pretty straight forward isn’t it?

We know that natural daylight is far better for us and for the environment than artificial light, but if we are going to make a big lighting change in our property, which option will offer the most light and give us all those benefits that we are looking for?

Research has shown us that Rooflights offer some pretty amazing benefits. Here are just a few reasons why we believe a Rooflight is the best daylighting option for any space:


1. Rooflights provide at least twice as much light as vertical windows of the same size and 3 times more light that dormers

2. Rooflights also give higher wall luminance than dormer and façade windows resulting in a softer transition between the high luminance of the window pane and the adjacent wall, therefore reducing the risk of glare

3. Rooflights offer a better distribution of light on all floors of a building by balancing the light levels more consistently than vertical windows


4. The higher levels of light provided by Rooflights increase the number of hours when electric lighting is not needed, resulting in significant energy savings

5. Rooflights also provide a larger variation of light levels, which increases the visual interest of a room

6. Rooflights can be installed into Cellars, Basements and Balconies where the installation of vertical windows may not be possible

So in summary, if you are looking to reduce the need for energy-consuming artificial light, to increase the levels of light consistently throughout your property, to reduce annoying glare that can hurt your eyes and make concentrating difficult and possibly to add light to an otherwise unusable area of your house, consider installing a Market-leading Rooflight from Roofglaze.

Take a look at our range of Rooflights to get your imagination flowing and talk to our team of experts who will be happy to discuss your daylighting needs:

The Skyway Flatglass Rooflight Range

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