Skyway – The very latest in rooflight frame technology

After many months of research, design, and development Roofglaze Rooflights Ltd have developed a visually attractive, functional, and technologically advanced new frame for their Flatglass Rooflights

At Roofglaze we always pride ourselves on designing, manufacturing, and supplying the very best daylighting products in the marketplace, our Rooflights go through intensive testing so that we can always confidently supply high performance, durable, secure, and contemporary looking Rooflights that meet the requirements of any project.

When developing our new Skyway Frame the main challenge was to improve the technical ability of this more modern design while retaining a competitive price. Keeping costs to a comparable level with our past offerings was a challenge but one that we are proud we have managed to surmount.

With extensive research, the correct supply chain partners, and in-house expertise. Roofglaze partnered with a superb extrusion expert with proven global experience to design and develop the very latest in Rooflight frame technology.

The new Skyway rooflight frame offers enhanced technical advantages while retaining the same outstanding value for money.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Sleek and Contemporary Frame
  • Acoustic value reduction of 39 RwdB
  • Water and wind Resistant
  • Hidden Fixings so more secure
  • Global Design Initiative
  • Easier to Assemble – Shorter lead times
  • Seamless Roof Integration
  • Plaster Board Finisher Included
  • Excellent Water Management
  • Uses Standard Silicone Weather seal
  • Available in Toughened and Laminated Glass

18 months ago, the Roofglaze Research & Development team were tasked with creating a totally new, cutting edge profile system that allowed our industry-leading rooflights to be better; I am immensely proud to say that, with Skyway, we have achieved our aim

Christopher Morgan — Managing Director of Roofglaze Rooflights Ltd