Features you didn’t know your Flatglass Rooflight could have

Bringing more daylight into a space is often the goal of both homeowners and commercial designers. Making a space, light bright and full of life makes it a space that you want to stay in and enjoy. For this reason, glass and glazing products have never been so popular, from large glass bi-fold doors to rooflights, roof lanterns and walk-on glass the benefits of having the light streaming in is obvious.

What is less obvious is the different options that you can have with your glazing choices. From bespoke manufactured pieces to standard sized Flatglass, making this work in your space is incredibly important and now thanks to the experienced and innovative team at Roofglaze it also has never been so easy. There are a range of features than you could consider when choosing the right glass rooflight for your project, including glass with security features, easy-clean glass, walk-on glass and opening rooflights for natural ventilation or roof access.

Flatglass Rooflights – Lighter

Not only do Flatglass rooflights look stunning and sophisticated in any room they also offer a brighter alternative to standard rooflights. Flatglass rooflights offer more areas for the light to penetrate and so make the room lighter as a result. They also have the pleasing effect of making a room look larger as they make the roof seem higher and more spacious along with being filled with natural light.

Fixed Walk On Flat Glass Rooflights

Easy Clean – Solutions

By their nature roof lights, skylights and roof lanterns can be in hard to reach areas making them difficult to include in a regular cleaning routine. Fortunately, there is a product that can be bonded to the glass that reduces the need for cleaning as it resists the dirt in the first place. Ritec ClearShield is a chemical treatment that can be added to any Roofglaze Flatglass rooflight to keep it looking new and sparkling for longer.

Extra Security – Safer

For some installations you want to have the peace of mind that it has been tested against intruder entry and we have a range of glass called Fixed Flatglass Protect+ that can give you that peace of mind. This specially designed rooflight solution uses a stronger laminated inner glass pane along with upgraded fixings to maximise its security features. It has been awarded the Certisecure Accreditation and has extensive testing by Exova, a leading independent test house.

Walk-On Flatglass – Stronger

For terraces, internal floors, basements or a range of other scenarios we can offer Walk-on Flatglass as a solution. A unique feature in any room and one which can bring the daylight in or offer a showcase to another floor in a home while also being able to walk on it gives real flexibility when you are designing a unique space.

Walk On Flat Glass Rooflight

Wherever you want to bring light into a living space, Roofglaze has the range of products to fulfil your project needs, and if the right Flatglass rooflight is not available in our online store we can always manufacture a bespoke rooflight to your specifications.