Why your loft conversion should include Rooflights

Admit it, you tend to think of the loft as a useful storage space and not much more. In fact, often we forget about the loft altogether. It is dark, tends to be a bit too warm due to all the rising heat and its unusual shape makes it seem like less of a room and more of a cavern.

But it doesn’t need to be like that. A growing number of people are realising this and are converting their loft into useable living spaces. One of the key factors in transforming the loft into a pleasant and useful part of the house is getting natural light into it. The best way to do this is with rooflights.

Why use Rooflights?

The primary reason for adding rooflights is simple – it gets that crucial natural light into the room. Any space that you spend time in needs to have natural light or it becomes unpleasant and uncomfortable. Studies have shown we are more productive, happier and feel better when natural light is being brought into a room.

Rooflights are also easier to install than converting the entire roof to a dormer or a mansard conversion. They can be fitted into an existing roof and the process of installation is a simple one. A further benefit is that you don’t need planning permission to add them.

Of course, if you did want to go down the dormer route there’s nothing to stop you either. Combined with rooflights, you can get as much as 30% more natural light into the loft as well as creating that extra headspace to make the room more comfortable and easier to use.

Flat Glass Roof Light Loft Conversion

Ventilating the loft space

Letting in that natural light is one of the most important jobs that rooflights do, but that isn’t the only reason to add them as part of your loft conversion.

As well as daylight, you also want to get ventilation into the room. Because heat rises, the loft is often one of the warmest parts of the house. That’s why insulation is always heaviest in the loft – so that heat doesn’t just evaporate away but instead builds up in the house. But this extra warmth also means that the loft is prone to damp problems and the best way to deal with this is to get the right ventilation into the room.


Rooflights can open in different ways to suit your needs and the space available. Manual and electric opening options are available, as well as sliding Flatglass rooflights. They come with all the required security features as standard and they can also double as a roof access feature if the space is a habitable one.

Great Looking Rooflights

In terms of aesthetics, many people now prefer modern rooflights over a dormer or traditional roof windows because they are streamlined and unobtrusive. Dormers can sometimes make the house look a bit too top-heavy and angular. If you are planning to sell your house at some point in the future, the added aesthetic benefits of rooflights can make them a winner.

With a wide range of both stock and made-to-order rooflight options, the team at Roofglaze can bring daylight into any space. Contact us today to see how we can bring light into your loft spaces.

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