Introducing Our New Contemporary Roof Lanterns and Pyramid Rooflights

Roofglaze Rooflights has recently launched its brand new product range: Contemporary Roof Lanterns and Pyramid Rooflights.

Contemporary Roof Pyramid Rooflight
Contemporary Pyramid Rooflight

These new Contemporary Roof Lanterns have been designed with glass-to-glass silicone joints negating the need of clunky or unattractive glazing bars or aluminium cappings, all to maximise its available daylight.

Alongside being highly secure, due to a glazing pitch of 45° our Roof Lanterns allow for both water run-off and avoiding the build-up of dirt and grime over time.

We can manufacture these units on a 4 to 5 week lead time, with a much wider range of sizes available when compared to other manufacturers, ensuring that you do not to settle for anything less than the perfect solution for your home improvement.

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