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Letts Swim

Embrace Architecture delivered a fantastic new build project for Letts Swim, creating a luxurious, members-only swimming space, ideal for relaxation.


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Multi-Section Flatglass

Letts Swim

Skyway Mult-Section Flatglass Rooflight floods luxurious swimming pool area with natural daylight

Embrace Architecture recently delivered a luxurious new build project for Letts Swim in Hadleigh, Suffolk. The building boasts a modern exterior with timber elements and is surrounded by stunning countryside views.

At the heart of Letts Swim is a spacious 12.5 x 5 meter heated swimming pool, ideal for families. Additionally, the pool is great for exercise, and socializing with friends in a comfortable and inviting environment. What’s more the facilities include four changing rooms, toilets, showers, and baby-changing facilities for added convenience.

One of the key features of Letts Swim is the Skyway Multi-Section Flatglass Rooflight from Roofglaze. To maximize natural light and create an outdoor feel, the rooflights were installed above the swimming pool area. In summery natural light plays a vital role in our overall health and well-being. To that end, the rooflight provided by Roofglaze ensures that visitors to Letts Swim receive plenty of it.

Central to the allure of Letts Swim is a generously proportioned 12.5 x 5 meter heated swimming pool, designed to cater to a range of needs. Beyond the recreational aspect, the pool offers an ideal space for exercise and social gatherings, providing a comfortable and inviting environment for families and friends alike. The comprehensive facilities encompass not only the pool itself but also include four changing rooms, toilets, showers, and convenient baby-changing amenities.

A standout feature of Letts Swim lies in its incorporation of the Skyway Multi-Section Flatglass Rooflight, a distinctive creation from Roofglaze. Placed strategically above the swimming pool area, these rooflights amplify the infusion of natural light, seamlessly blurring the line between indoor and outdoor realms. This design choice aligns with the understanding that natural light is an indispensable contributor to holistic well-being. By collaborating with Roofglaze, Letts Swim ensures that its patrons bask in abundant natural light, a quintessential element that enriches the overall experience of the space.

In essence, Letts Swim stands as a prime example of architectural excellence that melds functionality, aesthetics, and well-being, enhancing the lives of its visitors by seamlessly integrating the marvel of nature into its design.

The benefits of natural light indoors

Studies have shown that exposure to natural light and elements of nature significantly impacts our mood, energy levels, sleep quality, and overall health. Many people spend a significant amount of time indoors, and often don’t receive enough or the right quality of light to feel their best. Sunlight and connections to nature have been proven to improve our well-being, productivity, and creativity.

By installing this rooflight, Embrace Architecture has created an intimate space that provides a fantastic sensory experience. The natural light floods the swimming pool area, enveloping visitors and improving their wellness and well-being.

Embrace Architecture has achieved a stunning and functional design that showcases the benefits of natural light in indoor spaces. By embracing this concept, Letts Swim offers a unique and inspiring environment that is sure to improve the overall experience for its visitors.

Through the strategic installation of the Skyway Multi-Section Flatglass Rooflight, Embrace Architecture has adeptly harnessed these principles to create a haven of well-being within Letts Swim. The infusion of natural light into the swimming pool area fosters an intimate and immersive sensory experience for visitors. This environment is designed to uplift and enrich their overall wellness.

By embracing the transformative power of natural light and its connection to nature, Embrace Architecture has not only crafted a visually stunning space but has also orchestrated an atmosphere that resonates deeply with the well-being of its occupants. The incorporation of these principles ensures that Letts Swim becomes more than just a swimming facility; it becomes a space that fosters rejuvenation, relaxation, and holistic wellness for all who enter its doors.

A Bespoke product for your specific needs

Roofglaze doesn’t just offer off-the-shelf solutions. We also provide bespoke options for multi-section rooflights, so you can achieve your desired design and functionality. At Roofglaze, we understand that every project is unique, and they’re dedicated to providing a personalized solution to meet your needs. With a wide range of customizable options, you’re sure to find the perfect rooflight solution for your project.

Whether you’re looking for a simple, efficient design, or a more complex, multi-section rooflight, Roofglaze can provide you with the ideal solution to suit your specific requirements. If you’re interested in a modular rooflight or bespoke solution for a similar project, you can contact us to discuss your vision and create a customized solution to fit your specific needs. Whether for a private residence, public space, or commercial facility, bringing the benefits of natural light indoors can bring your space to life.

Our extensive array of customizable choices ensures that you can find the perfect rooflight solution for your project, no matter how intricate or unique. Whether you’re in search of a streamlined and efficient design or a more intricate multi-section rooflight, Roofglaze can craft the ideal solution that aligns with your precise requirements.

Should you be considering a modular rooflight or a bespoke solution similar to the project in question, we invite you to engage with us. Share your vision, and together we can create a tailor-made solution that seamlessly integrates with your space. Whether it’s for a residential sanctuary, a bustling public area, or a thriving commercial establishment, infusing the benefits of natural light into indoor spaces can undoubtedly elevate the ambiance and vibrancy of your environment.


Letts Swim is a fantastic example of how modern architecture and innovative design can be used to improve our mental and physical well-being. By incorporating a Skyway Multi-Section Flatglass Rooflight from Roofglaze, Embrace Architecture has created a space that not only looks beautiful but also promotes a sense of peace and relaxation, helping to improve our overall health and well-being. In conclusion, the Skyway Multi-Section Flatglass Rooflight from Roofglaze is a perfect solution for anyone looking to bring the benefits of natural light indoors.

In summary, the Skyway Multi-Section Flatglass Rooflight from Roofglaze emerges as an impeccable solution for those seeking to harness the virtues of natural light within their indoor spaces. The fusion of modern design and the therapeutic essence of sunlight culminates in an environment that inspires and nurtures, making this rooflight a fitting choice for anyone endeavoring to create spaces that uplift and enrich the human experience.

To learn more about Roofglaze and its products, visit our website at Roofglaze Multi-Section Rooflights

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