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Links Green Way

McGinlay Beel has designed a stunning family home in a sought-after Glasgow suburb, situated just a few minutes walk from Bearsden train station and local amenities.
Shortlisted for the Architects Journal UK house of the year 2021, this stylish home offers modern clean lines, high ceilings, and large glass windows, doors, and Flatglass rooflights to maximise natural light and outdoor views.


Architect: McGinlay Bell





Product Used

Fixed Flatglass

ER Residence

An Elegant Use of Flatglass Rooflights

The 5000 square feet Links Green Way house boasts 6 bedrooms and a stunning design that incorporates natural light throughout. On the front, fixed flatglass windows adorn all three stories. Alternatively, the back showcases a social kitchen with a large glass-glazed window that opens to the garden.

To create a luxurious and spacious feel, the house utilizes rooflights and glazed glass all over. Roofglaze’s flatglass rooflights provide an innovative solution for bringing in natural light. Firstly they offer a low-maintenance, durable, and energy-efficient alternative to traditional roof windows. Secondly, these rooflights not only enhance the aesthetic of the property but also create a bright and airy environment. Finally, they add value to the property. Roofglaze rooflights are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs for customization to meet specific needs.

Adorning the facade are striking fixed flatglass windows that grace all three stories, a visual testament to the residence’s commitment to embracing sunlight as an integral design element. The rear of the property, in contrast, unveils a social kitchen adorned with a generous glass-glazed window that seamlessly merges interior and exterior spaces, inviting the garden’s beauty indoors.

Central to the design’s opulent ambience is the strategic incorporation of rooflights and glazed glass throughout. Roofglaze’s pioneering flatglass rooflights emerge as a transformative solution, elevating the residence’s luminous profile. Beyond their role as low-maintenance, resilient, and energy-efficient alternatives to traditional roof windows, these rooflights become architects of ambiance. They conjure an atmosphere that not only amplifies the property’s aesthetic allure but also bequeaths it with an airy effulgence, a resplendent tapestry of light and space.

Indeed, the intrinsic value of this architectural marvel extends beyond its tangible dimensions. Roofglaze’s meticulously crafted rooflights offer a symphony of design possibilities, coming in a diverse array of shapes, sizes, and configurations that cater to bespoke preferences. In doing so, they serve as versatile conduits for individual expression and personalized fulfillment, enhancing the residence’s intrinsic allure while amplifying its monetary worth.

Giving the Classic Looks with Fixed Flatglass Rooflights

Roofglaze provided the clients with the perfect solution for their desire for a simple, classic, and bright home. McGinlay Bell installed windows that abundantly provide natural light, heat, and fresh air, ensuring the house remains warm and comfortable. Even during winter months. Additionally, the rooflights were designed to flush with the roof, giving the home a high-end appearance without requiring additional framing.

The project was also cost-effective as the installation of the windows was simple and fast. The windows are easy to maintain and clean, making them a practical choice. Furthermore, the house is designed to allow natural light to flow into all areas. And this includes the bedrooms, kitchen, and social gathering spaces, creating a bright and energetic atmosphere. Using fixed flat glass windows adds a luxurious appearance while still retaining the classic look with a modern touch.

McGinlay Bell’s strategic placement of windows became the fulcrum of this design narrative, where natural light, warmth, and the caress of fresh air dance in unison to sculpt an environment of unparalleled comfort. Even as winter’s chill settles, the residence remains a bastion of coziness, a testament to the symbiosis between architectural ingenuity and nature’s elements.

The meticulous installation of these windows is emblematic of Roofglaze’s commitment to excellence. Crafted to perfection, the rooflights were conceived to seamlessly meld with the roof’s contours, a symphony of design and engineering that presents an aura of opulence without the need for elaborate framing. This thoughtful fusion of aesthetics and functionality yields an abode that exudes sophistication in its every facet.

While luxury and refinement echo through the project, the cost-effectiveness of the endeavor remains a noteworthy achievement. The expeditious installation process not only saved time but also ensured that the windows stood as a model of easy maintenance and practicality, aligning perfectly with modern living’s demands.

The artistry of natural light, a prevailing motif throughout, envelopes every corner, from the bedrooms to the kitchen and communal spaces. This symphony of illumination infuses the residence with an effervescent energy, where every room thrives under the embrace of the sun’s gentle caress.

Incorporating fixed flat glass windows into the design further elevates the dwelling, marrying opulence with tradition. The juxtaposition of classic aesthetics and contemporary finesse creates an ambiance that resonates with discerning elegance.

Abundant Light on all Floors

The use of natural light has many benefits that can greatly enhance the overall living experience in a home, and the Links Green Way property has an abundance of natural light spread across multiple floors. This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, improves mood and energy levels, reduces the need for artificial light, and can save on energy costs. Creating a well-designed home that takes advantage of natural light can greatly improve the living experience.

Additionally, the abundant natural light in the property can help regulate the temperature in a home, reducing the need for heating and cooling systems, and it can greatly enhance the aesthetic of a home, bringing out the colours and textures of surfaces and making spaces feel more open and airy.

In this home, natural light emerges as an alchemist of moods, infusing the atmosphere with a sense of warmth and hospitality. The interplay of light and shadow crafts an ever-changing canvas that dances with the rhythms of the day, elevating the residents’ spirits and imbuing the home with an enchanting allure.

The pervasive presence of natural light exudes a palpable vitality, casting a gentle radiance that resonates within the soul. Its luminous touch nurtures an ambiance of serenity, fostering tranquility and enhancing the occupants’ overall well-being. Amidst these sunlit corridors, the air hums with energy, inspiring creativity and enlivening daily experiences.

The intrinsic connection between natural light and sustainability cannot be overlooked. The copious influx of sunlight serves as a radiant shield against artificial illumination, significantly curbing energy consumption. This symbiotic relationship not only reduces utility bills but also champions a commitment to environmental stewardship, echoing the harmonious dialogue between architecture and nature.

Moreover, the rhythmic dance of light within the spaces serves as an eloquent conductor of temperature. Natural light harmoniously orchestrates with the elements, modulating indoor climates and mitigating the need for excessive heating or cooling. This exquisite equilibrium enhances the residence’s energy efficiency, embracing an eco-conscious ethos with open arms.

The aesthetics, too, unfold in a symphony of enchantment under the brushstrokes of sunlight. Surfaces come alive with a vivacity of colors and textures, as if awakening from slumber. The architectural intricacies stand magnified, casting intricate shadows that add depth and character to the living canvas.

Ease of use

Custom flatglass rooflights by Roofglaze are also easy to control, which makes them a great choice for those who want to set the mood in their home. With the ability to control the rooflights through an app or smart home device, homeowners can adjust the amount of light entering the room according to their needs. This makes the Links Green Way house a flexible and adaptable space, perfect for any occasion.

The ability to manipulate these rooflights through a user-friendly app or smart home device is a testament to the harmonious marriage between innovation and design. Homeowners become conductors of light, choreographing the ambiance to match their desires and needs. Whether it’s a tranquil afternoon of relaxation or a vibrant gathering of friends, the rooflights obediently transform to set the stage.

These rooflights have cast aside the conventional limitations, offering a canvas of limitless possibilities. The occupants are bestowed with the privilege to masterfully adjust the intensity and direction of light, sculpting an atmosphere that resonates with their mood. The living space becomes a vessel of creativity, a realm where illumination is an instrument of personal expression.

Moreover, the seamless integration of technology elevates the Links Green Way house to an echelon of modern living. The marriage of architecture and smart home features enhances both comfort and efficiency. The convenience of remotely controlling the rooflights through an app or device extends an invitation to the future, where architectural elements bow to the beck and call of a homeowner’s fingertips.

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