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March House

Located on the banks of the River Thames, this property is a stunning modern home that combines architectural inspiration with captivating scenery.


Knox Bhavan Architects




On the banks of the river Thames

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March House

A Modern and Energy Efficient Home on the Banks of the River Thames

March House, a stunning modern home, combines architectural inspiration with captivating scenery on the banks of the river Thames. Award-winning architects Knox Bhavan designed it, striking an aesthetically pleasing balance between nature and architecture while providing superb energy efficiency. March House truly is a dream property, connecting to nature and featuring an innovative design.

The architectural symphony performed by March House resonates with a melodic blend of modern design and the organic tranquility of its surroundings. With every line and contour, the architects have artfully woven a narrative that seamlessly intertwines the built environment with the natural landscape. It is a dwelling that beckons occupants to commune with the rhythms of the river, as if the house itself is an extension of the water’s gentle flow.

Knox Bhavan’s prowess lies not only in the aesthetic allure but also in the meticulous attention to energy efficiency. March House emerges as a paragon of sustainable living, where innovation in design and technology converge to create an environment that harmonizes with the earth’s resources. The marriage of contemporary design and energy-conscious practices is a testimony to the architects’ dedication to holistic living.

The residence’s allure lies not solely in its architectural prowess but also in its ability to capture the essence of the riverine landscape. Each room is a canvas, and every window a frame, through which the beauty of the Thames becomes an ever-changing masterpiece. The glass expanses act as portals, connecting the interior to the outdoor theater of nature, where the sun, sky, and water choreograph a dance of eternal beauty.

Connecting with Nature through Fixed Flatglass Rooflights

March House rises on stilts above lush river gardens and orchards, providing a sense of connection to the surrounding environment. The designers utilized windows and Roofglaze Skyway fixed flat glass rooflights to flood natural light throughout the property. Thereby, offering stunning views of the surrounding flora and distant hills. Furthermore, the home’s green roof, accessible through a Skyway Sliding rooflight, provides a connection to nature.

The river-facing rooms feature expansive windows, enabling the homeowner to always see beyond the garden to the long stretch of the river. Additionally, the home features a variety of glass elements and Roofglaze products, such as sliding, fixed, and circular rooflights. The variety of ways daylight is used unites the property with the environment. The designers ensured a naturally lit interior during the daytime, minimizing the use of artificial lights and making March House cost and energy efficient.

Perched gracefully upon stilts, March House emerges as a symbiotic extension of the verdant river gardens and orchards that cradle its foundation. This architectural marvel, masterminded by Knox Bhavan, is not merely a dwelling but a harmonious ode to its idyllic surroundings.

The symphony of light that dances within March House is orchestrated by the judicious placement of windows and Roofglaze’s Skyway fixed flat glass rooflights. These radiant apertures weave an enchanting tale of illumination, allowing nature’s brilliance to cascade into every corner. As the sun traverses the sky, it paints a living tableau that transforms the interior ambiance. The embrace of natural light becomes a recurring motif, celebrating the connection between the occupants and the flourishing flora outside. Through these windows, the interior is perpetually engaged in a visual conversation with the meandering river and the distant hills that grace the horizon.

A testament to its kinship with the environment, March House offers an additional vantage point in the form of a green roof, accessible through the innovative Skyway Sliding rooflight. This elevated haven provides a sanctum where the dwellers can bask in the embrace of nature, a serene expanse that invites reflection and contemplation.

Welcoming the Light in through Roofglaze Flatglass Rooflight

The property boasts a large fixed flat glass rooflight at its centre, which floods the interior with natural light and creates a sense of space. With the use of low E glass, the rooflights allow sunlight to penetrate while reflecting heat into the space. As a result, this ensures energy efficiency and comfort.

Skyway rooflights are constructed with a fully thermally broken aluminium frame that insulates the inner glass surfaces from outdoor temperatures. Particularly this prevents cold bridging and reduces the risk of condensation. Additionally, shutters are installed in the windows, and the sliding rooflight can be opened or closed for natural ventilation. All these features can be controlled using an app or smart home device, giving residents the ability to adjust their environment with ease.

Central to the residence’s architectural composition is a grand fixed flat glass rooflight, a magnificent feature that serves as the heart of the home. This portal to the heavens ushers in an abundant cascade of natural light, transforming the interior into a sunlit haven that beckons exploration and contemplation. This infusion of radiance nurtures an aura of spaciousness, imbuing every corner with a sense of openness.

The selection of low E glass for the rooflights demonstrates a meticulous consideration for both form and function. Beyond their role as conduits of light, these rooflights are engineered to harmonize with the surrounding environment. By permitting sunlight’s embrace while deflecting its scorching touch, these masterfully crafted apertures seamlessly fuse comfort and energy efficiency.

A hallmark of the Skyway rooflights is their fully thermally broken aluminium frame. This architectural marvel stands as a bulwark against temperature fluctuations, rendering the inner glass surfaces immune to the whims of the weather. This sophisticated design obliterates cold bridging, while simultaneously minimizing the risk of unsightly condensation. The integration of shutters within the windows bestows an added layer of control, enabling residents to modulate ventilation in harmony with their preferences.

The ingenuity of the sliding rooflight furthers the interplay between the indoor and outdoor realms. This dynamic element permits an intimate communion with the sky, allowing its occupants to invite nature’s whispers or seal themselves within their private haven. The era of connectivity bestows a newfound ease in orchestrating the home’s environment. With the mastery of an app or the command of a smart home device, the residents can orchestrate a symphony of light and ventilation that matches their desires, cocooning them in comfort and fostering a sense of ownership over their surroundings.

A Green and Energy-Efficient Home

The designers of March House prioritized energy efficiency in their design. They incorporated windows and rooflights to allow natural light to enter the house. This consequently reduces the need for artificial lighting and makes March House both cost-effective and energy efficient. Moreover, they include a green roof to regulate the temperature inside the house, regulating the temperature in summer and winter. Considering this, the Skyway Sliding rooflight provides access to the green roof. As a result, it offers an opportunity to enjoy the live garden above.

To increase daylight in the long corridors, the designers installed a narrow fixed flat glass rooflight. The rooflight seamlessly joins the roof to the wall with a wall abutment, creating a robust and weather-resistant seal. The interior is also brightened by high ceilings and a large central fixed rooflight, creating a sense of spaciousness and reducing the need for artificial lighting even further.

Within the blueprint of March House, the architects have woven a tapestry of sustainability that harmonizes seamlessly with the architectural grandeur. Recognizing the potential of natural light as an ecological ally, they strategically positioned windows and rooflights to be the emissaries of sunlight. This ingenious design choice not only ushers in the enchanting glow of daylight but also orchestrates a symphony of energy efficiency.

By embracing natural light, March House becomes a sanctuary of cost-effective illumination. The calculated placement of windows and rooflights fosters a dance of radiance within, rendering the need for artificial lighting obsolete during the day. This eco-conscious feat yields not only economic dividends but also minimizes the home’s carbon footprint, aligning it with a sustainable vision.

The green roof, a living homage to nature’s wisdom, unfurls atop March House like a verdant tapestry. This living canopy not only adds aesthetic allure but serves as a guardian against temperature extremes. It’s a sentinel of moderation, keeping the interior cool in the blaze of summer and offering insulation during the winter’s chill. The Skyway Sliding rooflight, by its strategic location, becomes a gateway to this sylvan retreat, inviting inhabitants to partake in the serene spectacle above.

The design team’s ingenuity extends even to the corridors, where narrow fixed flat glass rooflights create luminous pathways. These architectural strokes not only infuse the passages with natural light but also demonstrate their prowess in marrying aesthetics with durability. The marriage of roof to wall through a seamless wall abutment ensures both the resilience to weather’s caprice and an uninterrupted channel for light’s embrace.

Roofglaze's Partnership with March House

The architects received technical support from Roofglaze to effectively use light, and Roofglaze successfully contributed to making March House energy efficient while maintaining a solid bond with its magnificent environment. Roofglaze delivered all its products fully glazed and ready to install with all the necessary fixings, ensuring a quick and easy installation. Roofglaze significantly and impactfully contributed to the project.

In the orchestration of March House’s architectural symphony, Roofglaze’s technical prowess played a pivotal role in perfect harmony. With a commitment to both aesthetics and efficiency, the architects tapped into Roofglaze’s expertise, fusing their vision with the tools to manifest it. This collaborative effort resulted in a harmonious dance of light, space, and nature that defines March House.

The technical support extended by Roofglaze proved to be a beacon, guiding the architects in harnessing the power of natural light. By strategically positioning windows and rooflights, March House became a living canvas where sunlight was an artist’s brushstroke. The result was an interior bathed in a soft radiance, creating an ambience that nourishes the soul and enlivens the spirit.

Roofglaze’s contribution transcended the conceptual realm and manifested in the physical installation of their products. The promise of efficiency was realized through the seamless integration of fully glazed products that arrived ready to be embraced by March House’s architecture. This meticulous attention to detail and pre-assembled precision ensured that the installation process was not only swift but also exact, sparing the project the complications of traditional installations.

The impact of Roofglaze on March House is palpable, resonating through the luminous corridors, the sun-kissed river-facing rooms, and the verdant embrace of the green roof. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability helped elevate March House to a realm where architectural grandeur and ecological sensibilities intertwine. As the sun’s rays weave through the windows and rooflights, illuminating every corner with a golden hue, it’s a testament to the success of Roofglaze’s collaboration in crafting an exquisite living space that transcends mere construction and becomes an embodiment of artistry and science.

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