New Case Study: NEXT Store, Leeds - Roofglaze Barrel Vault Rooflights

New Case Study: NEXT Store, Leeds

The White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds is a premium outlet store, home to a vast range of household brands such as; H&M, Debenhams, Zara and Next.

Recently the outlet underwent an architectural revamp in some of their stores with the end goal of maintaining their modern and contemporary appearance. For this reason, Roofglaze was tasked with the design and installation of a Barrel Vault rooflight above the newly-upgraded Next shop floor.

This Barrel Vault rooflight was designed with the intention of maximising the intake of natural daylight to the store. To achieve this goal, the rooflight was installed at an angle of 43o to coincide with the original architecture of the building.

The client also specified the inclusion of a smoke filtration system into the designs of the project. To meet this specification, Roofglaze incorporated 5 No. AOV Smoke Vents into the spine of the rooflight, which were powered by 24v tandem actuators. These AOV Smoke Vents were all designed and installed in accordance with BS EN 12101-2.

The project was a success in both the appearance and functionality of the store’s renovation by both the client and Roofglaze.

Barrel Vault Rooflight, Next Store (inside view)

Barrel Vault Rooflight, Next Store (inside view)

The natural light gained throughout the day was considered key by the Architect, thus a Barrel Vault Rooflight pitched at 43o was designed by Roofglaze, which had the following glazing specification:

 – Non-fragile

 – 25mm Opal Tinted Glazing

 – Light Transmission: 49%

 – Energy Transmission: 54%

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