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Join Roofglaze REWARDS today

04 Nov 2019

Do you want to be part of a reward scheme that REALLY does reward you and make you feel valued? Roofglaze want to offer the very best possible value and service to their tradespeople so we have launched Roofglaze REWARDS. Roofglaze REWARDS is purely aimed at trade businesses and is intended to help you save money, increase margins and whilst…

The Benefits of Natural Daylight

16 Oct 2019

Rooflights save energy and reduce carbon emissions The primary reason for including rooflights is to provide a bright, naturally-lit interior and reduce the requirement for artificial lighting. Daylight has many advantages, over artificial light; not least the fact that it is a free and unlimited natural resource. While artificial light is essential, it uses a lot of energy. Reducing its…

Ways to Use Walk-on Glass

09 Apr 2019

Have you ever walked on a glass floor, perhaps in an office building or on a bridge? When you think about walk-on glass that is what many people will think of. But there are many different ways to use this product in commercial and residential buildings, taking them from ordinary to extraordinary. Walk-on glass as a building material has evolved…

The Benefits of Openable Rooflights

28 Mar 2019

A rooflight makes a great addition to any home, providing plenty of natural light as well as forming an elegant feature that looks fantastic. Whether you have installed your rooflight during a refurbishment or building an extension, or you’re moving into a new home, you normally have the option of a rooflight that can be opened or is fixed closed….

Walk-on Glass – Incredible Skywalks Around the World

21 Mar 2019

Stepping onto a glass floor for the first time, especially if that glass floor is at the top of a tower and you can see the drop below, can be a little scary. Once on however, the feeling is extraordinary as you look onto the space below your feet. While Roofglaze makes walk-on glass rooflights for commercial and residential spaces…

Why Your Loft Conversion Should Include Rooflights

15 Mar 2019

Admit it, you tend to think of the loft as a useful storage space and not much more. In fact, often we forget about the loft altogether. It is dark, tends to be a bit too warm due to all the rising heat and its unusual shape makes it seem like less of a room and more of a cavern….

Features You Didn’t Know Your Flatglass Rooflight Could Have

11 Mar 2019

Bringing more daylight into a space is often the goal of both homeowners and commercial designers. Making a space, light bright and full of life makes it a space that you want to stay in and enjoy. For this reason, glass and glazing products have never been so popular, from large glass bi-fold doors to rooflights, roof lanterns and walk-on…

How to Convert a Basement into a Light, Bright Space

28 Feb 2019

Converting a basement into a living space is a popular option but one of the things that can often put people off the idea is that there’s seemingly no straightforward way to get natural light into the room. This, however, is not always the case and there is one great way to get that natural light into the room to…

Planning Your Own Grand Design – Ideas for Bringing Light in from the Popular TV Show

22 Feb 2019

If you are a fan of Grand Designs, you will know that there are always certain areas they look at when making over a property. One of the top things is ways to bring light into a room whether through natural means such as windows or rooflights or through lighting. So what inspiration can you take from the show when…

The Best Home Renovation Tradeshows in 2019

19 Feb 2019

Whether you are renovating and restoring an old property, creating a new building from scratch or simply extending your kitchen you will want advice and inspiration on how to make the most of the space that you have. The UK has some of the most innovative and inspirational manufacturers creating great products for use within property. Roofglaze is just one…