Bicester Village Shopping Centre


A new rooflight for Christmas – against all odds, Roofglaze successfully installed a large glass ridgelight at the Bicester Village Shopping Centre in Oxfordshire, in the face of extreme difficulties resulting from the collapse of the main contractor following delivery of materials to the site.

On being informed that the main contractor had called in the receivers, the site security personnel understandably moved immediately to secure the materials. As sub-contractors, the Roofglaze team were therefore unable to complete the project – or to reclaim materials they had delivered.

Roofglaze Contracts Manager Paul Stewart acted quickly to diffuse what had become a tense situation, liaising with the security team and organising an impromptu meeting with the Centre’s Director, David Clarkson.

Mr. Clarkson takes up the story: “This was a difficult situation that had the potential to result in long delays which could have affected our trading over the busy Christmas period. Paul and the team from Roofglaze showed great commitment and ingenuity to quickly re-engineer a deal to work directly with us, to ensure the rooflight was installed before Christmas”, he said.


From the first word that the project had to be halted, to the new deal being signed, the project was only ‘on hold’ for two days, so the potential disruption to the Centre over the Christmas period was avoided.

At 21m long, with a span of 4m, the 40º hip-ended rooflight was commissioned to provide a pleasant environment for diners at one of the main restaurant areas at Bicester Village. Solar control glass was specified to avoid heat build-up during the warmer months and all metalwork was finished in durable white polyester powder coat to match the external design scheme at the Centre.

Paul Stewart of Roofglaze said: “Once we’d resolved the initial contractual problems, the installation went very smoothly and we enjoyed a great working relationship with the guys at Bicester Village – in particular the security team with whom we’d had a few tense moments at the start of the project! We will be back soon – as customers, next time!”

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