Centurion Club, St. Albans

Situated to the west of St. Albans, Centurion Club is one of the country’s most elite and prestigious golf clubs. Each of the 18 holes on their championship golf course has been expertly designed in to their picturesque grounds to create breathtaking views while offering their members a genuine challenge. As well as offering members access to this phenomenal golf course they also contain a warm and inviting restaurant (Galvin) with mouth-watering dishes created by Michelin-starred London Chefs. It is their attention to detail and care for quality which led Centurion Club to turn to Roofglaze when they needed a new glazing solution within their clubhouse.

For this project Roofglaze partnered with Lonsdale to provide an array of bespoke bay rooflights, these were broken down into 13 bays in total which were further sub-divided into 2 down-slope bays. This was deemed to be the best solution for their request as it worked in conjunction with the clubhouse’s prevailing architecture, while utilising all their potential available daylight.

Centurion Club, St. Albans, Lonsdale
Centurion Club (inside view), St. Albans, Lonsdale

The unit was pitched at a 37o angle to allow water to properly run-off without the threat of water pooling, this worked in combination with allowing natural light to fully enter the building giving impression of a larger more open space. The unit itself was a Lonsdale ‘ThermGard’ Fixed Closed Monopitch rooflight, all double glazed with Tough/Lam Low-E Glass, this was designed to create a comfortable environment for the users of the building.

Due to the high expectations of Centurion Club’s clientele, it was considered key to ensure that the installation period of this project was kept to a minimum, Roofglaze relied on the professionalism of Ashe Construction to finish this project well within the allotted time-frame. Since the completion of this project, Centurion Club has successfully hosted various golf competitions, including the first Golf Sixes event for the European Tour.

Roofglaze is proud to partner with Lonsdale for the design and installation of these bespoke daylighting systems. We have numerous years of industry experience across the company, meaning that we are second-to-none when it comes to our knowledge of these rooflights and skylights. We will always strive to offer you the best solution to suit your project requirements.

Centurion Club (outside view), St. Albans, Lonsdale

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