Lynwood Village

Lynwood Village is a newly-built retirement community from the automotive industry charity BEN, which can be found in an idyllic location on the outskirts of Ascot. Roofglaze was tasked with bringing the benefits of natural daylight to the central social hub of this development, which is based in the communal atrium.


In order to provide the best possible quality of life for the residents of Lynwood Village, a bespoke daylighting solution needed to be designed, fabricated and installed by Roofglaze. There were many specific project requirements that had to be taken into account here, such as the regulation of the thermal and acoustic levels in the atrium to ensure that it is a pleasant environment for everyone.

Research conducted by Professor Russell Foster, head of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology and the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute at the University of Oxford, found that natural daylight improves mental health and sleep patterns, helping to positively counteract the impact of dementia in the patients that he studied.

lynwood 2

The overall project has a value of £40 million and is due to be fully complete in July 2016. It has already won awards in the industry, such as the prize for Best Retirement Development at the What House? Awards in 2015. These images provide a graphic illustration as to the sheer scale and size of this project, which is just one of many reasons why a combination of Lonsdale and Roofglaze was the preferred option for the end-client in this case.B

We are proud to be a well-established and trusted installation partner of Lonsdale for their range of patent glazing and rooflight solutions. With the order now received for Phase 2 of this particular development, we are looking forward to installing more 22o Dualpitch SkyGard Ridgelights and glazed walkways at Lynwood Village in the near future.

Lynwood 3

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