Next Store, Leeds

Roofglaze have helped to brighten up shoppers’ days at Next by designing and installing a bespoke Solis Barrel Vault Rooflight for the White Rose Shopping Centre.

The White Rose Centre is a premium outlet store based in Leeds, it is home to vast range of household brands; H&M, Debenhams, Zara and Next to name just a few.

Recently the outlet underwent a major revamp in some of their key stores, ensuring that they stay modern and contemporary.

In the case of Next it involved an upgraded shop floor paired with an atrium effect above provided by the glazed roof. This allowed the shop floor to be filled with natural light and fresh air during the day, giving a more relaxed and pleasant feel to shopping for their customers.

Barrel Vault Rooflight
Barrel Vault Rooflight at White Rose Shopping centre (view from below)

The natural light gained throughout the day was considered key by the Architect, thus a Barrel Vault Rooflight pitched at 43o was designed by Roofglaze, which had the following glazing specification:

 – Non-fragile   

 – 25mm Opal Tinted Glazing

 – Light Transmission: 49%

 – Energy Transmission: 54%

As Roofglaze was designing the rooflight for the room it was key to get the sizing right to fit the allocated space. The required size specified resulted in these measurements for the finished product; a width of 7220mm, a length that spanned 16640mm, a height of 1900mm and a glazing thickness of 25mm.

Roofglaze was also required to incorporate 5 No. AOV Smoke Vents into the spine of the rooflight, to be powered by 24v tandem actuators. These smoke vents were installed in accordance with BS EN 12101-2, and they provide an aerodynamic free area of 6m2.

“We were very impressed with the overall performance of Roofglaze throughout our partnership on the Next store at the White Rose Shopping Centre. The Bespoke rooflight which they designed has an excellent finish and includes an efficient smoke ventilation solution.

One of the key factors to completing this project was the professionalism of their installation team, combined with their prompt delivery to site. Many thanks to the Roofglaze team for their efforts. I would definitely recommend them for future works.”

Paul Sharkey, Project Manager, Simpson (York) Ltd

Barrel Vault Rooflight
Barrel Vault Rooflight at White Rose Shopping Centre (top view)

Overall Roofglaze feels that this project was a huge success in both the appearance and functionality of the store’s renovation. Roofglaze is proud of this project as it showcases our ongoing commitment to the highest levels of professionalism and quality.

If you are interested in specifying our rooflight solutions for your next project, you can download our NBS Specification Documents. If you require any further information, then please do feel free to contact us with your inquiry.