Sheraton Skyline Hotel


Roofglaze Limited has installed a large skylight at London Heathrow’s Sheraton Skyline Hotel, as part of a refurbishment of the Hotel’s luxurious swimming pool complex.

The skylight comprises a series of Roofglaze barrel vault rooflights glazed in UV protected 10mm opal multi-wall polycarbonate. There are twenty 2.1m span barrel vaults in total, each measuring 48m long – totalling almost one kilometre of continuous rooflights, with a glazed area of more than 2,000m².

Covering the Hotel’s cleverly designed leisure pool area, the Sky Garden, which features planted areas with full size trees and shrubs, the skylight helps to create the sense of an outdoors setting, indoors.

The rooflights are connected via a series of custom extruded gutters that are attached to the sides of the rooflights, forming a watertight seal. A new steel framework finished in white powder coat supports this structure.


To maintain the appearance and high light transmission of the skylight, a trolley system has been installed to run between the gutters, enabling easy access for cleaning.

Acting as sub-contractors to Wallis Ltd, part of the Kier Group, Roofglaze undertook all aspects of the design and installation of the skylight, working closely with steelwork contractors and Wallis’s own team on site.

Site Manager Paul Mock commented: “The Roofglaze team ensured the project ran really smoothly from day one. From initial design to client sign-off, they’ve demonstrated professionalism and expertise. We’re delighted with the end result: a happy client.”


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