BA Hangar, Heathrow

BA-TBK Completed Installation 2

The huge hangar, capable of accommodating a Boeing 747, is used for re-painting aircraft and houses a specially designed paint spraying gantry. This presented a number of unusual challenges in the design and specification of the rooflights.

The suspended spraying gantry structure penetrates the roof in a number of areas, requiring complex detail design to the rooflights.

The solvent content of the paint used in the aircraft finishing process, created a requirement for solvent-resistant materials to be used inside the hangar. For this reason, on first inspection, glass would have appeared to be the most suitable material. However, the obvious solution is not always the best…

The design team at Morgan Sindall had been in discussion with RODECA, the leading European manufacturer of polycarbonate rooflight systems, and were considering their system for use on the project.

BA-TBK Outside

RODECA rooflights plus Roofglaze expertise combine to create a great technical solution.

Having previously worked with Morgan Sindall on a variety of projects, Roofglaze was called upon to provide design and installation expertise.

In order to meet the requirement for a solventresistant installation, the polycarbonate glazing required the application of a solvent resistant film supplied by Lintec Graphic films.

Roofglaze undertook this film application as part of the project contract, which involved design and installation of seven 6.5m span lantern lights, to a total combined length approaching 80m.

Utilising the RODECA 15° pitch RT‐VSFA‐16 Rooflight System, the lanterns are glazed with a UV protected multiwall polycarbonate sheet, to the underside of which the Lintec film was applied. The glazing is installed in a mill finish aluminium framework.

BA-TBK Completed Installation - Site Inspection

The solution meets the highly specialised daylighting requirements of the aircraft spraying hangar and was completed on time and within budget.

This was the first project undertaken by Roofglaze using the RODECA system and the companies have now signed a partnership agreement, opening the way for the installation of more RODECA rooflights in the UK.

Morgan Sindall project manager Graham Steer said: “Roofglaze have again proved that their installation expertise pays dividends on complex projects like this one”.

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