Eltham Palace Visitor Centre

Eltham Palace and Gardens is a prestigious English Heritage site located in Greenwich, London. As a part of the major refurbishment programme that was undertaken in 2015, a new visitor centre with a café and gift shop was created to further improve the experience of visitors to this attraction.

eltham palace 1

Simpson & Brown Architects specified that a bespoke Vitral A74 Ridgelight was required to bring additional daylight into the new visitor centre. You can see from these images that the gift shop and café areas of this building in particular are so well lit via the rooflight that hardly any artificial lighting is required at all here during the day.

eltham palace 2

The rooflight in question here is a bespoke Vitral A74 Ridgelight, which has been installed with the glass panels at a pitch of 32.5o on either side of the central ridge. The span between the kerbs is 1700mm, while the overall length of the skylight is a not inconsiderable 15.5 metres.

Built in to the rooflight itself are 24 No. Vent Panels that are each driven by their own 230v DC Chain Drive Actuator. In order to ensure the utmost in comfort for the staff and visitors at this centre, this rooflight also has Heat and Rain Sensors installed in its control panel. We know that natural daylight is beneficial in a retail setting, but temperature regulation and natural ventilation is also important.

eltham palace 3

Roofglaze is proud to be a Trained Approved Specialist Contractor (TASC) Member for the design and installation of Vitral daylighting systems. We have numerous years of industry experience across the company, meaning that we are second-to-none when it comes to our knowledge of these rooflights and skylights. We will always offer you the best solution to suit your project requirements.

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