Tesco Superstore, Bristol


Roofglaze daylight innovations for Tesco Superstore in Bristol Following the successful installation of Roofglaze Lumira® (formerly Nanogel) rooflights at a number of Tesco stores around the country, main contractor ISG Pearce selected Roofglaze to supply and install Lumira rooflights and vertical polycarbonate glazing at Tesco’s new Superstore in Yate, Bristol.

The first phase of the project was undertaken in July 2011. This involved the installation of nine 6m x 6m 25mm Lumira® filled rooflights to provide natural daylight throughout the store.

Like other Tesco Supertores, the single storey, timber panel clad structure combines a variety of innovative new technologies to minimise energy consumption. The specification of the rooflights is crucial, to balance the requirement for natural light against the thermal efficiency of the roof structure.

With a U-value of just 0.91 W/m2K, Roofglaze Lumira rooflights were the obvious choice, as the thermal performance of the rooflights is virtually the same as the surrounding roof construction.

Lumira is a free-flowing translucent granular insulation material comprising hydrophobic silica-based particles. This is placed in the cavities within polycarbonate multiwall glazing to provide pre-assembled glazing cassettes which are quick and easy to assemble on-site and create a weight saving of up to 80% compared to typical double glazed glass rooflights.

Lumira-filled glazing provides an important contribution to reducing carbon emissions. The even, diffused lighting they provide, with minimal shadows or ‘hot spots’ is perfect for displaying goods in a retail environment. Lumira®-filled glazing also provides a 25% noise reduction (at 1,000 Hz).


The second phase of the project required Roofglaze to supply and install vertical glazing to two 8m x 5m x 7.6m high fire escape towers at the front entrance to the new store. 40mm blue tinted Roofglaze Thermoclick glazing was installed to the three outward facing elevations of each tower. Roofglaze Thermoclick is a translucent, profilefree vertical glazing façade system consisting of multiwall polycarbonate fitted within a thermally broken aluminum frame.

Thermoclick glazing panels feature tongue and groove connections that simply click together and eliminate the need for vertical profiles.

With an excellent U-value of 1.27 W/m2 K, they are suitable ideal for use in a wide range of applications including: sports halls; factories; industrial units; airports; plant rooms; and more.

The Roofglaze Lumira rooflights have played a significant part in helping Tesco to achieve carbon emissions targets for this and other stores – and the Thermoclick glazing to the towers at Yate have provided another practical and aesthetically suitable solution.

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