Flatglass Rooflights

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Roofglaze’s range of Flatglass rooflights combine the simplicity and convenience of modular rooflights, with the style, practicality and improved light transmission of glass.

Daylight saves energy, reduces carbon emissions and creates a sense of well-being. Our market-leading Flatglass rooflights look great in any setting, and offer outstanding performance. They’re quick and easy to install, and are fully compliant with UK Building Regulations. 

An ideal solution for both commercial and residential applications, we have recently completed a number of prestigious and exciting projects that make use of both our standard units and bespoke Flatglass rooflights.

Manufactured in-house at our leading-edge Cambridgeshire facility, our Flatglass rooflights are available in a wide range of configurations and they provide the following benefits to both our commercial and domestic end-clients:

  • Outstanding, sleek aesthetics – from both an external and internal perspective
  • We can supply you with a Flatglass rooflight in virtually any shape, including: square, rectangular, circular, elliptical, triangular, hexagonal, octagonal and irregular shapes
  • Single and multi-section units (double or triple glazed) can be contained within a single Flatglass frame to cater for a wide range of sizes
  • Wide range of glazing and ventilation options
  • Aero-fin glazing bar cover now comes as standard with multi-section Flatglass units
  • Non-fragile, CWCT TN 66, 67 & 92 (Class 2) ACR[M]001:2011 (Class B) compliant
  • Fully compliant with current UK Building Regulations
  • Warm edge spacer for improved thermal performance
  • Centre-pane U-values as low as 0.5W/m2k (triple glazed)
  • Total product U-values as low as 0.8W/m2k (triple glazed)
  • Certified as fully water and weather-tight units
  • Flatglass rooflights come with a 5 Year Total Product Warranty

Please note that Flatglass rooflights can be installed flat, but to avoid water pooling on the rooflight we recommend a minimum pitch of 5° if possible.

Specification Documents are available online from RIBA NBS Plus and Roofglaze’s BIM Objects are downloadable from the NBS National BIM Library.

When specifying Flatglass rooflights, please provide external kerb dimensions.

Download our Flatglass product brochure for more information about this range of skylights.

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