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Visofold Bi Fold Doors

Buy Visofold Bi Folding Doors from Roofglaze. Our range of high-quality doors offers superior performance, modern design and fast shipping.

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Visofold Bi Fold Doors Details

Buy Visofold Bi Folding Doors from Roofglaze. An excellent way to seamlessly connect your home with your outdoor living space. Our doors come with a range of options, including different frame colours, opening styles, thresholds, and glazing options.

In summary, Roofglaze offers:

  • Bespoke glazed solutions, including skylights, rooflights, and bi-folding doors
  • Wide range of skylight designs, including circular, pyramid, and hipped designs
  • Customization options for rooflights to meet design preferences and thermal performance requirements
  • Seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces with a range of options
  • Compliance with building regulations and thermal efficiency for all products

Our Smarts Visofold 1000 Aluminium Bi-fold Doors are designed to meet the highest technical specifications, offering a fully flexible solution for homes and businesses. The configuration of the doors can be individually customised and set to fold internally or externally. You can also choose whether you want the single entrance door at the side, so all the panels fold one way at one side, or in the middle, with a double door entrance.


If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us with your enquiry.


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