Fixed Flatglass Rooflights

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Fixed Flatglass rooflights from Roofglaze are an effective and attractive daylighting solution for a wide range of project types. Our innovative rooflight design offers outstanding thermal performance and efficiency, all while maximising light ingress with minimal visible framework. The result is a product that offers the best in both form and function. So whatever is your need, you can get varieties of rooflights for flat roofs from us. 

We stock a range of Fixed Flatglass rooflights for flat roofs that are available for next-day delivery. You can choose a 6mm HST / 6mm HST or a stronger 8mm HST / 8.8mm Laminated Glass Specification to suit your project requirements.

If the rooflight you need is not a part of our stock range, we can create a Bespoke Flatglass solution for you. Please feel free to contact our technical team with your enquiry & requirement of any kinds of rooflights for flat roofs.

Click to view the product drawings for our Fixed (Square / Rectangular) and Fixed Circular Flatglass rooflights.


*Flatglass rooflights are made to suit external kerb sizes, click here to view a drawing.

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Additional Information

Glass Specification

For stock sizes of Fixed Flatglass rooflights,  we offer as standard a Toughened / Toughened or a Stronger, Safety Toughened / Laminated  Glass Specification:

Toughened/ Toughened: 6mm HST Clear Toughened/ 16mm Argon Cavity + Warm edge Spacer + Silicone Bonded/ 6mm HST Clear Toughened + Soft Coat Low E. Standard fixing screws. 10mm glazing tapes.


Toughened/ Laminated: 8mm HST Clear Toughened + Soft Coat Low E + Sandblast Border/ 14mm Argon Cavity + Warm edge Spacer + Silicone Bonded/ 8.8mm Clear Laminated + polished edges. Standard fixing screws. 34mm glazing tapes.

Please note that Flatglass rooflights can be installed flat, but to avoid water pooling on the rooflight we recommend a minimum pitch of 5° if possible.

Roofglaze’s Fixed Flatglass rooflights can be supplied as either double or triple glazed units, in varying shapes and sizes in order to suit different room layouts.

Maximum Standard Kerb Sizes

Double Glazed

  • Square: up to 1800mm x 1800mm or 3.3m2 as standard, up to 2300mm x 2300mm (via special order)
  • Rectangular: up to 4.9m2 (Toughened Glass) as standard, up to 7m2 (single pane, via special order)
  • Circular: up to 2.2m diameter for single pane, up to 3.2m diameter for multi-section rooflights

Triple Glazed

  • Square: up to 1800mm x 1800mm
  • Rectangular: up to 3m2 as standard
  • Circular: up to 1800mm diameter (single pane) 


Bespoke Flatglass rooflights can also be made-to-order to suit your specific project requirements.

Download the Fixed Flatglass NBS Specification, Circular Flatglass NBS Specification and BIM Object for this product.