Skyway Multi-Section Flatglass Rooflights

Ideal for providing natural daylight in linear applications

Our leading rooflight design means that daylight is maximised while the visible framework is minimised, resulting in a product that offers the best in both form and function

Key Features

  • 15 Years Warranty
  • Industry leading weather testing
  • Fully Thermal Aluminium Frame
  • Infinite lengths possible
  • Free Spanning up to 3.5m
  • Any Span available with intermediate supports
  • Alternate Glazing bar and bar shrouds available
  • Hinged Sections for Ventilation available
  • Hinged Sections for Access available
  • Integrated 24v or 230v electrically opening sections
  • UV Resistant and silicone bonded

Glass Options

  • Solar Control
  • Body Tinted
  • Acoustic laminate
  • coloured low iron glass
  • CUin enhanced thermal performance
  • Triple and Quadruple glazed


  • Easy clean coatings (Ritec)
  • Integrated electric blind
  • bespoke shapes and sizes
  • Pre-formed timber upstand
  • Skyway+ electric blackout blind
  • wall abutments


Any size, any shape - You are only limited by your imagination

All our rooflights are made specifically for every project, so whilst we offer some industry standard sizes in our shop, your Skyway Flatglass Rooflight will be designed to your individual specifications.