Stream House - Multi-section Flatglass RooflightMulti-section Flat Glass Rooflight - Private Residence, LondonMulti-section FlatglassWestfield Shopping CentreWestfield Shopping CentreMulti-section Flatglass with Aero-finMulti-section Flatglass Rooflight
multi-section Rooflight
Stream House - Multi-section Flatglass Rooflight
Multi-section Flat Glass Rooflight - Private Residence, London
Multi-section Flatglass
Westfield Shopping Centre
Westfield Shopping Centre
Multi-section Flatglass with Aero-fin
Multi-section Flatglass Rooflight

Multi-section Flatglass Rooflights

Where larger rooflights are required, over and above the maximum size for a single pane of glass, we can supply Multi-section Flatglass rooflights. These provide the same characteristics and sleek, aesthetically-pleasing profile as the single pane Flatglass units that we also offer.

Our Multi-section Flatglass rooflights are often specified in order to bring natural light in to internal corridors and other similar shaped building areas. Maximum spans of up to 3.2m can be accommodated (free span slope length 3.2m), and there is no limit as to the overall length of the rooflight itself. Bay centres will depend on span width.

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Please note that Flatglass rooflights can be installed flat, but to avoid water pooling on the rooflight we recommend a minimum pitch of 5° if possible.


  • Double or triple glazed units
  • Walk-on specification glass available
  • We can supply bespoke glass specifications to meet your project requirements
  • Integrated 24v or 230v electrically-operated opening sections available
  • New uPVC shroud (Aero-fin) for internal glazing bars (various RAL colours available)

Download the Fixed Multi-section NBS Specification and Walk-on Multi-section NBS Specification for this product.

Click to view the product drawings for Fixed Multi-section and Walk-on Multi-section Flatglass rooflights.

Flatglass rooflights are made to suit external kerb sizes: Click here to view a drawing