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Ritec ClearShield Eco-Glass

£75.00 (excl. VAT)
£90.00 (inc. VAT)


Easy-clean rooflight protection – Ritec ClearShield Eco-Glass™

By their very nature rooflights and skylights can be hard to reach and clean. The ClearShield® system provides a solution to greatly reduce the need for cleaning.

‘Non-stick’, easy-clean protection:

  • Maintains glass clarity, all-round visibility and cleanliness
  • Reduces cleaning time, effort and frequency
  • Keeps windows looking like new and sparkling, staying clean for longer
  • Resists glass staining and contamination: tree sap, bird droppings, traffic pollution, general dirt
  • Helps to maintain your Window Energy Rating
  • More light means enhanced well-being

All Roofglaze rooflight products can be supplied with ClearShield Eco-Glass™


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