Walk-on Flatglass Rooflights

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Flatglass rooflights can be supplied to walk-on specification by Roofglaze for roof terraces and internal applications. They provide an attractive and creative solution for introducing daylight into areas of a building that would otherwise be dark (i.e. basements and cellars).

We have seen a significant increase in demand recently for these particular types of Flatglass rooflights. We also believe that this trend is set to continue, especially in the domestic and high-end residential sectors. You can see these walk-on rooflights in action in our Projects area.


*Flatglass rooflights are made to suit external kerb sizes, click here to view the drawing.

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Additional Information

Glass Specification

For stock walk-on rooflights, our standard domestic glass specification is as follows:

33mm Toughened Laminated Outer / 16mm Argon Filled Cavity / 6mm Low-E Toughened Inner

Please note that Flatglass rooflights can be installed flat, but to avoid water pooling on the rooflight we recommend a minimum pitch of 5° if possible.


Maximum Standard Kerb Sizes

  • Single pane – up to 1.2m x 3m or 3.6m2, larger sizes are to special order only
  • Multi-section – up to 2.4m slope span, unlimited length with bays at up to 1.2m centres



  • Black or white painted / ceramic border
  • Single or multi-section construction
  • Obscure glazing for privacy
  • Anti-slip finishes are available

We can supply bespoke glass specifications to meet your project requirements.

Designed to the current British and European Standards (BS EN 1991-1-1), they have the capacity to withstand a uniformly distributed load of 1.5kN/m2, or a concentrated load of 2.0kN.

We can also accommodate higher loads (if required) via special order.

Download the Fixed Walk-on NBS Specification, Multi-section Walk-on NBS Specification and BIM Object for this product.

Click to view the product drawings for Fixed Walk-on and Multi-section Walk-on Flatglass rooflights.