We’ve Recently Expanded Our Project Portfolio

We have recently expanded the Projects section on our website to showcase three of our most recent projects; The Oaksmere Hotel in Suffolk, Centurion Club near St Albans and the new Next store at the revamped White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds.

For each of these projects, Roofglaze demonstrated their market-leading technical ability and knowledge when it comes to designing and installing various types of bespoke glazing systems, all while providing the utmost levels of service and client satisfaction throughout.


Centurion Club, St Albans

Situated to the west of St Albans, Centurion Club is one of the country’s most elite and prestigious golf clubs. It is home to an expertly-designed 18 hole European Tour level championship golf course and an in-house restaurant (Galvin) run by Michelin-starred London Chefs. It is their attention-to-detail that led Centurion Club to turn to Roofglaze when they needed a bespoke glazing solution for their new and luxurious clubhouse.

To fully satisfy Centurion Club’s glazing needs, Roofglaze partnered with Lonsdale to provide 13 rooflight bays in total, which were further sub-divided in to 2 downslope bays. This was deemed to be the most ideal solution, as this coincided with the clubhouse’s original architecture and kept the installation time down to the absolute minimum.

The unit for this project was installed at a 370 angle, with the intention of facilitating proper water run-off and thus minimising the threat of water pooling. This glazing specification also maximises the potential amount of natural daylight ingress to the clubhouse, which gives an impression of a larger, open space for the members and guests of Centurion Club.

Centurion Club, inside view, Lonsdale
Centurion Club, inside view, Lonsdale


The Oaksmere Hotel, Suffolk

Based in the heart of Suffolk, The Oaksmere Hotel is renowned for its picturesque views and exceptional service. The design focus of this project was heavily influenced by the aim of maintaining these outstanding qualities for the hotel.

For this project, it was decided that a Solis Glazing System would be the best glazing solution for the needs of The Oaksmere, due to the high-performance capabilities of this glazing system and the design flexibility that it affords.

The first of the glazing options suggested for The Oaksmere Hotel was a bespoke Solis Ridgelight to be installed above their main entrance. This was set at a 25o angle with the intention of allowing the maximum amount of natural daylight into this area of the hotel.

The second Solis Ridgelight that Roofglaze helped incorporate into The Oaksmere was placed above the recently extended in-house restaurant. This was a smaller rooflight than the one installed at the hotel’s entrance. Both Ridgelights share the same glazing thickness and glass specification.

The final instalment of this project is a Solis Pyramid rooflight, located at the centre of the hotel’s restaurant. This rooflight measures 4,200mm across all four sides of the based to give a total glass surface area of 17,640mm.

This project was an overwhelming success for both Roofglaze and our clients, which leaves guests at The Oaksmere Hotel surrounded with natural scenic views throughout their stay.

The Oaksmere Hotel, Suffolk, Solis RidgeLight (main entrance)


Next Store, Leeds

The White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds is a premium outlet store, home to a vast range of household brands such as; H&M, Debenhams, Zara and Next.

Recently the outlet underwent an architectural revamp in some of their stores with the end goal of maintaining their modern and contemporary appearance. For this reason, Roofglaze was tasked with the design and installation of a Barrel Vault rooflight above the newly-upgraded Next shop floor.

This Barrel Vault rooflight was designed with the intention of maximising the intake of natural daylight to the store. To achieve this goal, the rooflight was installed at an angle of 43o to coincide with the original architecture of the building.

The client also specified the inclusion of a smoke filtration system into the designs of the project. To meet this specification, Roofglaze incorporated 5 No. AOV Smoke Vents into the spine of the rooflight, which were powered by 24v tandem actuators. These AOV Smoke Vents were all designed and installed in accordance with BS EN 12101-2.

The project was a success in both the appearance and functionality of the store’s renovation by both the client and Roofglaze.

Barrel Vault Rooflight, Next Store (inside view)
Barrel Vault Rooflight, Next Store (inside view)


All the projects outlined above were completed within their allotted timeframes, and we are proud to showcase these projects as a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to the highest levels of professionalism and quality.

(Glass specifications and sizes for each project can be found in their respective project portfolios, using the links provided above.)