Protect+ (Document Q)

Intruder Resistance: Flatglass Protect+ ( Document Q)

To comply with Approved Document Q Security – Dwellings Q1 – Unauthorised Access, on all domestic new build projects where the rooflight is ‘easily accessible’, the rooflight must be proven to be secure.

‘Easily accessible’ means: “The roof has a pitch of less than 30° and is less than 3.5m from ground level. If these do not apply, Document Q does not apply.”

Section B.11 of Document Q states: “Any glazing which, if broken, would permit someone to insert their hand and release the locking device on the inside of the door should be minimum of class P1A in accordance with BS EN 356: 2000.”

Our Flatglass Protect+ rooflights will have a minimum 8.8mm laminated inner skin which exceeds Class P1A classification of Intruder Resistance to BS EN 356:2000. If higher levels of resistance are specified, we can supply up to level P8B using various laminated inner or outer skins. Clutch head security screws or similar will be employed as kerb fixings.

Flatglass Protect+ rooflights have been tested by Exova and it achieved resistance class BR1 to the STS 202 standard. This level of resistance demonstrates compliance with Document Q

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