Our Guide to Walk-on Flatglass Rooflights

Flatglass rooflights can be supplied to walk-on specification for roof terraces and internal applications. They provide an attractive and creative solution for introducing daylight into areas of a building that would otherwise be dark, such as basements and cellars for example.

Roofglaze has seen a significant increase in demand for this particular style of Flatglass rooflights recently. We also believe that this trend is set to continue, especially in the domestic and high-end residential sectors.

Walk-on Multi-section Flatglass Rooflight - St Edmund's Terrace
Walk-on Multi-section Flatglass Rooflight – 50 St Edmund’s Terrace – Exterior

Applications & Benefits

If you want to let large amounts of beneficial natural daylight into your home or office building, all while still providing a secure overhead platform, then walk-on Flatglass rooflights are a great solution.

These rooflights are an ideal solution for flat roof terraces, where they are commonly installed using decking, such as the walk-on units provided by Roofglaze at 50 St Edmund’s Terrace. This is to achieve an aesthetically-pleasing finish that is flush with the rooflight, as an upstand is still going to be required here.

Walk-on specification rooflights are suitable for both internal and external purposes. So whether you have a roof terrace that incorporates glass or a basement that would benefit from natural light, a leading rooflight manufacturer, such as Roofglaze, will be able to provide you with the right type of rooflight to suit your project.

Internal applications are generally supplied as single glazed units and can add to the light flow of a building, allowing daylight to penetrate between floors. These internal walk-on units are most often used to bring more daylight into basement conversions, and they provide a focal point to the room as well as additional value to the property.

Walk-on Multi-section Flatglass Rooflight - St Edmund's Terrace - Interior
Walk-on Multi-section Flatglass Rooflight – 50 St Edmund’s Terrace – Interior

Safety & Loadings

Of course, any aesthetic benefits that these rooflights provide cannot come in any way at the expense of safety. Any reputable rooflight company will be able to calculate the specification of glazing required to take regular foot traffic, ensuring complete safety for users and also the watertightness of the rooflight itself. At Roofglaze, we utilise a software program (MechInfo) to ensure that these units comply with the loadings stipulated by Eurocode 1 – BS EN 1991-1-1:2002, which meets the necessary building codes for both residential and commercial building types.

Walk-on Flatglass Rooflight - 101 Farm Lane, Fulham
Walk-on Flatglass Rooflights – 101 Farm Lane, Fulham

Slip-resistant Finishes

As always, due care and attention should be taken when walking on wet glass. You may wish to consider adding a slip-resistant finish to your rooflight, which can also be combined with obscurity if a sandblasted option is chosen. Most rooflight companies will offer a dot matrix of ceramic frit that provides anti-slip properties, while allowing natural daylight to penetrate through.

Walk-on Flatglass Rooflight - Private Residence
Walk-on Flatglass Rooflight – Private Residence

About Roofglaze

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