Our Partners

As well as offering our own high quality products designed and manufactured at our Cambridgeshire factory, we work in partnership with world-leading rooflight system manufacturers.

Roofglaze's expertise and proven track record in the design and installation of rooflights has enabled us to partner with, and be selected as, approved fabricators and installers of the following major rooflight and roof glazing systems.

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“State-of-the art skylights from a world leader”

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Roofglaze is an approved partner, fabricator and installer for Schüco; a world leader in building envelope solutions.

Schüco's FW 50+ and FW 60+ high-performance structural glazing systems can be used to construct visually impressive glass rooflights and atria roofs.

These thermally insulated systems can be used to create impressive skylights and glazed roofs - particularly with large spans and module widths.

Roof types can range from monopitch roofs, through to arched heads with wide spans for larger projects (e.g. shopping centres or office buildings).

In addition, the .HI high insulation systems comply with the latest energy-saving regulations, such as EnEV and Part L.

  • Narrow profile face widths of 50 or 60 mm
  • Large module widths and self-supporting spans of up to 6 metres (unlimited spans using a secondary support structure)
  • Unlimited design options allow creative and bespoke designs to be achieved
  • Bullet resistant, burglar resistant and blast resistant options
  • Can also be used for fire resistant rooflights and roof glazing
  • Skylights can incorporate Schüco AWS 57 RO roof vents for natural or smoke ventilation compliant to EN 12101-2
  • Quick and easy installation due to a high degree of pre-fabrication
  • Suitable for low roof pitches from 5° (fixed) or 7° (with vents)
  • Can be constructed to achieve CWCT TN 66 & 67 non-fragility compliance
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“The quality and functionality you expect from VELUX, coupled with the installation expertise of Roofglaze”

  • Velux
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  • Velux

Co-created with renowned architects Foster + Partners, VELUX Modular Skylights are an innovative new daylighting solution for commercial buildings.

Although modern construction design tends to favour standard components instead of one-off, on-site solutions, many contemporary skylight systems require complex, bespoke design and specialist processes.

VELUX Modular Skylights are 100% modular, making them easy to specify, highly adaptable and comprehensive in detail. They offer an outstanding combination of design, functionality and performance, marking a significant leap forward in the evolution of skylights.

The range is built around a unique, pultruded composite material that ensures excellence in energy, aesthetics and performance.

  • 100% modularity so skylights fit perfectly and are fully functional
  • The stylish design means slim profiles, a flush exterior and an elegant appearance
  • Intelligent design with a hidden, almost silent, actuator chain and fully integrated internal blinds
  • Unique framing material guarantees a high insulating performance and one of the lowest overall U-values
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“Quality roof glazing from a European leader”

  • Eltham Palace Visitor Centre - Bespoke Vitral A74 Rooflights
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  • Vitral

Vitral is a leading manufacturer of modern roof glazing solutions, established in 1956 and with offices in the UK, Denmark and Lithuania.

Vitral supplies a variety of pre-fabricated and factory glazed panel-based glass roofing systems, utilising aluminium and stainless steel profiles.

  • Excellent aesthetics with slim profiles
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Wide range of glazing options to suit your project needs
  • Concealed opening vents for discreet ventilation options
  • Design flexibility - wide range of configurations can be achieved
Rodeca Logo

“Roofglaze is proud to provide UK installation services for Rodeca, a market-leader for transparent building elements, with production facilities in Germany and Brazil”

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Rodeca's polycarbonate rooflights are the ideal solution to introduce natural daylight into large or small interior/exterior covered spaces. These complete systems provide a flexible solution for not only flat or curved applications but also for roofing and canopies of various sizes and shape.

Combined with its light weight, high thermal properties, impact resistance and ease of installation, Rodeca's RT-system is an economical daylight solution, offering a high degree of design flexibility for flat or curved applications.

  • Quick and easy installation with minimal disruption
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Excellent long-term performance through UV-resistance
  • Polycarbonate construction - 200 times tougher than glass
  • Ventilation options available
Lonsdale Logo

“Lonsdale is a leading UK manufacturer of patent glazing for roof glazing applications”

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  • Lonsdale 2

Lonsdale's ThermGard and SpanGard patent glazing systems can be used to create rooflights and skylights of various shapes and sizes. Each Lonsdale rooflight is pre-fabricated ready for immediate installation on-site.

These systems can include; integrated aluminium sill, ridge, hip and eaves members, enabling roof pitches from 15° to 45°, and in some instances beyond, subject to overall width dimensions.

  • Pre-fabricated, ready for immediate installation, thus reducing on-site labour time
  • Single glazed, double glazed or polycarbonate units
  • Good thermal insulation and air-permeability performance, in compliance with Building Regulations
  • Neat, slimline sections and invisible fixings
  • Able to span up to 6m wide by infinite length, without the need for additional supporting steelwork
  • Hipped, gable-ended, pyramids, hexagons, octagons & polygons are all available (irregular shapes are a speciality)

“We were very impressed with the performance of Roofglaze on the London Academy project. Their site team was professional, the installation went smoothly and the finished product looks good. I would definitely recommend them for future works.”

Paul Fisher, Elliott Group