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Skyway Complete Ventilation - The Total Rooflight Solution

Skyway Complete Ventilation Rooflights, our Complete Rooflight System for Ventilation rooflights.

Key Features

Easy Installation

Supports Heavy Loads

Compatibility with Various Roof Types

Corrosion Resistance

Marine grade powder coating as standard

Adjustable Height

Compliance with building codes

Non-Penetrative Installation

Fire resistance

Easy maintenance

Table of Contents

Why Choose Skyway Complete? 

Easy Installation 

Improved Weather Resistance 

Ensure Compliance with Building Regulations 

Customizable Sizes 

Compatible with all roof types

Fully integrated to the roof structure 

Why Choose Skyway Complete

Skyway Complete is our complete rooflight system, offering a range of benefits. Firstly, Skyway Complete is quick and easy to install. In fact, it only requires your installer to create the structural opening in the roof. Additionally, the timber upstand is made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit between the roof opening and the rooflight. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also increases weather and air tightness when correctly weathered by your installer.

Moreover, the use of high-performance insulation sets Skyway Complete apart. The combined u-value of the rooflight exceeds the requirements of Approved Document L. By opting for a complete rooflight system, you can easily demonstrate compliance with Part L to building control authorities.

Furthermore, if you’re aiming for natural ventilation and compliance with Approved Document F, our Skyway Complete Ventilation rooflights are the perfect choice.

In addition to its excellent insulation properties, every Skyway Complete rooflight incorporates high-quality materials designed to improve thermal performance. This, in turn, helps you save money on your energy bills. Notably, our aluminium frame includes a thermal break, ensuring no cold bridging to the outside environment. Additionally, every rooflight comes with Marine Grade powder coating as standard, providing durability and protection.

Finally, Skyway Complete rooflights come with a plasterboard termination bar, guaranteeing a perfect finish to the top of your wall. This feature also enhances the thermal performance of the rooflight.

In summary, Skyway Complete Fixed flatglass rooflights offer industry-leading performance in a cost-effective, quick, and easy-to-install product. Given its numerous advantages, why choose anything else?

Easy installation

Every Skyway Complete Rooflight comes with an integrated upstand, saving time and money on site. Moreover, the opening mechanism is hidden within the frame, presenting a flush and stylish appearance that perfectly matches our fixed rooflights. This is particularly useful in cases where you have a mixture of fixed and opening rooflights on the same project, ensuring a wonderfully uniform appearance across the roof.

In addition to its aesthetic advantages, our prefabricated timber upstands make Skyway Complete quick and simple to install. Each upstand is conveniently delivered flat packed, ready for assembly on site, resulting in reduced installation time and cost.

Furthermore, each rooflight includes an inbuilt plasterboard termination bar, seamlessly integrating it into the building. The design allows the plasterboard to slot into the rooflight frame, providing a high-quality finish to the ceiling line. Not only does this enhance the overall appearance, but it also improves thermal performance.

By choosing a Skyway Complete rooflight, you not only enjoy its aesthetic and functional benefits but also reduce the risk of errors in the upstand construction. Our factory-produced, high-quality product ensures that every installation is completed safely and securely. Invest in the reliability and excellence of Skyway Complete for your roofing needs.

Improved Weather resistance

Your upstand is a critical element in preventing water ingress to your roof. Leaks are a common issue with poorly constructed upstands. The use of incorrect materials will allow water to penetrate and cause damage over time. Our factory constructed upstands use high quality materials and precise construction to ensure a perfect fit reducing the likelihood water will enter the roof space. Furthermore each upstand includes a 5 degree pitch to aid in water dispersion.

A fully weathered kerb will stand the test of time reducing the need for frequent repairs and protecting your property and your investment. 

Airtightness is another important consideration as is heat loss. Through incorrectly constructed and installed upstands, this can be significant. Air infiltration can cause cold spots on the inner glass surface which can lead to condensation and, in time, allow mould to form. All Skyway Complete rooflights come with preinstalled draught-proof gaskets and are manufactured to ensure a good fit and excellent draught resistance.  

Additionally, each upstand is thoughtfully designed with a 5-degree pitch, serving as an effective water dispersion mechanism. This design feature further fortifies its protective capabilities, minimizing the risk of water-related issues.

Investing in a fully weathered kerb is a wise choice that stands the test of time. It reduces the need for frequent repairs, thereby safeguarding your property and preserving your financial investment. A well-constructed kerb offers long-term durability and peace of mind.

Furthermore, airtightness and heat loss are important considerations when it comes to the overall efficiency and comfort of your property. Poorly constructed and installed upstands can contribute significantly to air infiltration, leading to cold spots on the inner glass surface, condensation issues, and, over time, the formation of mold. To mitigate these concerns, all Skyway Complete rooflights come equipped with preinstalled draught-proof gaskets and are manufactured to ensure an impeccable fit, delivering excellent draught resistance. This meticulous attention to detail not only enhances the overall performance of your rooflights but also contributes to the comfort and well-being of the occupants within the building.

Ensure compliance with building regulations

Approved Document L- Conservation of Fuel and Power (2021 Edition)came into effect in England on 15th June 2022. This revised document stipulates that rooflights in new or existing dwellings should meet a limiting value of 2.2 W/(m2⋅K). All Skyway Complete rooflights feature a kerb assembly that exceeds this requirement. If your installer constructs their own kerb on site this must have a maximum U-value of 0.35 W/(m2⋅K) and you need to be able to provide evidence of this to building control. The simplest way to ensure compliance with Part L is to purchase a combined rooflight and kerb assembly from Roofglaze. 

Skyway Complete Ventilation Rooflights are an excellent way of adding natural ventilation to your space and meeting the requirements of Approved Document F-Ventilation. The approved document sets out the minimum levels of natural ventilation required in dwellings. Where an existing building is being altered it is necessary to ensure the existing ventilation levels of the building are not negatively impacted.

Opening rooflights either electrically or manually operated are the prefect way to ensure adequate natural ventilation. This is particularly critical in areas of high water vapour such as kitchens or bathrooms where sufficient ventilation helps to reduce the likelihood of condensation and improve overall air quality for the inhabitants. 

In addition to complying with Document L, Skyway Complete rooflights are available with a laminated inner pane and non reversible screws  to provide compliance with Approved Document Q Security in Dwellings. 

To summarise Skyway Complete offers the simplest and most cost effective way of ensuring compliance and peace of mind. 

Customizable sizes

All Skyway Complete rooflights can be made to your specific size requirements.  This feature also ensures that the roof kerbs are properly sized to precise tolerances and able to withstand the weight of your rooflight. 

Simply provide Roofglaze with the size of your structural opening (the hole in your roof) and the style or function of rooflight you require and we will do the rest. 

As well as fully customised made to measure rooflights, we also offer a range of standard sizes directly from our extensive stockholding with fast lead-times available

The process is simple and straightforward: you provide Roofglaze with the size of your structural opening, essentially the hole in your roof, and specify the style or function of the rooflight you require. From there, our expert team takes over, ensuring that your rooflight is custom-manufactured to perfectly match your specifications.

In addition to fully customized made-to-measure rooflights, we also offer a range of standard sizes directly from our extensive stockholding. These standard sizes are readily available and come with fast lead times, providing a convenient solution when time is of the essence.

Ultimately, whether you opt for customization or choose from our standard sizes, you can expect a rooflight that not only meets your precise requirements but also integrates seamlessly into your project, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Roofglaze is committed to providing solutions that align with your vision and project goals.

Compatibility with all roof types

Skyway complete is compatible with different types of roofs, including flat, pitched, and metal roofs. Compatibility with various roof types is an essential feature, as it ensures that the rooflights can be installed on a wide range of roofs whilst still providing excellent weatherproofing and air tightness.

This feature also ensures that the roof kerbs are compatible with different roofing materials and can be installed without damaging the roof surface. Skyway complete can fit whatever your preferred choice of roofing material is meaning you do not need to compromise on style 

This adaptability is particularly valuable when considering that various roofing materials may be used for different architectural projects. The compatibility of Skyway Complete with diverse roofing materials means that you do not need to compromise on style or material choice. Whether you prefer traditional tiles, modern metal, or any other roofing material, you can be confident that Skyway Complete can be installed without damaging the roof surface or compromising its integrity.

In essence, Skyway Complete empowers you with the freedom to choose the roofing material and style that best suits your project’s aesthetics and functional requirements. This adaptability ensures that your design vision can be realized without any limitations, and the rooflights seamlessly integrate with the roof type and material of your choice, preserving both style and performance.

Fully integrated to the roof structure

Skyway Complete are installed into the roof structure which helps prevent leaks and helps prolonging the lifespan of the roof.

By incorporating the upstand and rooflight into a complete unit installers are able to quickly weatherproof the kerb creating a weathertight seal between the various components. 

The choice of a fully insulated upstand custom manufactured to suit the rooflight brings additional benefits in thermal performance. Your rooflight will be a integral part of the overall efficiency of your roof helping lower heating costs and saving you money over the lifespan of the product. 

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