Why Roof Gardens Are Becoming More Popular with Homeowners

Making the most of all your home space has to offer is important. While most of us consider the interior, if you have a relatively large flat roof, considering building a roof garden there is a great option.

It takes a lot less work than you might think and can provide a really great place to relax and entertain friends and family. Many homeowners in the past have simply seen the way to use their roofs is to add rooflights into them to let the light come through to the home below. With modern walk on flatglass there is now no need to choose between letting the light in to your home and having a roof garden. Many now use walk on flatglass as a design feature of their roof garden.

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Gardens Don’t Need to be at Ground Level

Head to any major city nowadays and view it from the air and you’ll see an awful lot of space that has been turned into rooftop gardens. From high rises to blocks of flats, homes to office buildings, there’s more opportunity than you realise to get some greenery into your local living environment.

A roof terrace is a great option as long as you fix the foundations and ensure you have a strong base to work from. Not only does it create a brilliant extra space, it could also add value to your home.

It’s something that began to take off in areas like New York in the 70s, where creating green spaces in all that concrete jungle became increasingly important. Green areas can actually improve air quality and combat what is often called the urban heat island that plagues many cities.

Roof Gardens Are Not Just for Cities

The popularity of roof gardens means that it’s not just heavily populated urban areas where we now find them. Rural locations that have a suitable roof area can also be transformed and some parts of the country are already seeing these kinds of developments.

The Perfect Place for Wining and Dining

One of the things that comes with a great roof garden is a great view, especially if you live high up in an apartment block. These are also perfect locations to do a little entertaining or sit in the evening and take in the night lights or get some serious sunbathing done on a hot day.

Designing Your Roof Garden

A good deal of thought needs to go into designing any new space like this. There are going to be two primary considerations before you get started – the strength of the floor and access to the roof garden itself. Most flat roofs will require at least some reinforcement and, while this can be a major job, once it’s done everything else is essentially pretty easy to put in place.

Flatglass and Roof Gardens

One of the most desirable items to have on your roof garden is a walk on rooflight that lets the natural light into the room or rooms below. Access to roof gardens can also be through a rooflight, these can be built up from the surface of the floor as opposed to being flush with it and can be opened to gain access and they are ideal for roof gardens. Roofglaze has a great range of rooflight available depending on your space and requirements.

The next stage, of course, is to work on the design of your roof garden and what you want to include. Creating a wood patio is one option and relatively easy to maintain. The other is what garden furniture you are going to have and, more importantly, how you are going to get it up to your new space.

Put all these components together and you will be able to create a unique space for your home that will be used regularly and will undoubtedly add value to the sale price. To discuss how to bring more natural light into you home, including how they can be used in combination with a roof garden contact the experts at Roofglaze to discuss your ideas.